What is the cancellation policy at Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has introduced a flexible cancellation policy so that you lead a hassle-free experience. The airline entitles you to a refund if you cancel the reservation within its standard period. However, your ticket must qualify the cancellation terms and conditions applied while you booked the ticket.

Do you need more information regarding the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy? This article can help you find the important cancellation clauses and how much the cancellation charges are at Turkish Airlines; dive in!

The General Cancellation Terms & Conditions of Turkish Airlines

Below given is a list of some important terms and conditions that every traveler must keep in mind before processing the cancellation:

  • If you have a group booking at Turkish Airlines, the cancellation clause might vary from the general booking; in that case, you must contact the airline for assistance.
  • The cancellation and refund policies of the airline are subject to change, and it depends on the fare type purchased by the traveler; however, you are eligible to get a travel credit whenever you cancel a Turkish Airlines reservation.
  • You must use the travel credit within 365 days considered from the time of cancellation. Otherwise, the credit expires.
  • You can cancel the alternate flight option provided by the airline in case your flight gets canceled abruptly.
  • The cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines is applicable for both the fare types: restricted and non-restricted; also, it is independent of the cabin class you booked.

The point mentioned above is the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy and is applicable only if you have a general booking. The next section covers the terms and conditions if you booked an award ticket and now want to cancel it.

Award Ticket Cancellation at Turkish Airlines 

Check out the following discussed points if you are an owner of an award ticket and want to cancel the reservation:

  • If you have an Award ticket, then you must complete the cancellation at least 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure; otherwise, you won’t be able to cancel it at all.
  • However, if you wish to cancel the reward miles, you must contact the airline’s customer service and pay the applicable cancellation charges.
  • You might have to pay 300 USD to cancel your award ticket if you cancel it beyond the free cancellation period.

The airline also has a 24 hours cancellation policy that can help its travelers to benefit from the cancellation. Peruse the article to learn more about the 24-hours cancellation policy.

The 24-Hours Cancellation Policy of Turkish Airlines

Yes, with Turkish Airlines, it is possible to benefit from your cancellation effortlessly. Find out the details about the Turkish Airlines 24-hours cancellation policy and act accordingly:

  • The flight departing date must be seven or more days away from the request to qualify for the free 24-hours cancellation.
  • If you purchased the ticket using the Miles & Smiles Program, you could benefit from the 24-hours cancellation policy of the airline.
  • Also, you are not eligible to apply the 24-hours cancellation policy if you cancel an award ticket.

So, if you do not want to pay unnecessary charges, you must know the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. Also, before you make the cancellation request, double-check whether your ticket qualifies for the conditions or not. You can also contact Turkish Airlines customer service to find assistance with your cancellation-related queries.

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