Can I Change my Flight on Singapore Airlines? 

If you have been planning a vacation for the longest time and are finally getting some days off, then you must plan a trip to a happening place like Singapore. It is known to be a great destination to visit with your friends and family. You can consider flying with Singapore Airlines as it has great staff management and flexible policies. If you have already booked a flight with them and need to make some changes in it, like you need to change the flight due to a sudden change in the plan, then you can go through the Singapore Airlines Flight Change policy to know more about the flight change in detail.

Why do you need to go through the flight change policy? 

Are you wondering, “if I need to change my flight, then why can’t I do it directly, and why do I have to go through the policies?” then simply because it is important. Many times, passengers book their tickets and make changes according to their needs whenever they want to, without going through the terms and conditions in detail and avoiding the flight change policies. Half knowledge is dangerous. You must go through the flight change policy so that you do not face any consequences and lose any money. Go through the flight change policy of Singapore Airlines in detail, given in this article. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

These are the flight change policies of Singapore Airlines: 

  • You can change your flight with Singapore Airlines through a phone call to the customer care service and by visiting their official website as well. 
  • Customers can make a change in their flight for free, but there are some conditions under which you will have to pay for the changes. If there is a fare difference between your previously booked flight and the flight you are about to book, you will have to make the payment accordingly. 
  • The price for a change in cabin class or change in route on Singapore airlines is 25 United States Dollars. 
  • The price for a change in date and change in time on Singapore Airlines is also 25 United States Dollars. 
  • You can make changes to the ticket for absolutely free if you are doing it within 24 hours of your reservation. 
  • You will also have to pay an assistance fee if you are late in changing flights and doing it via the customer service or by making a phone number.
  • However, if you are completing this process online mode, then you can do it for free. 
  • If you have yet to book your ticket from any official medium and have done it through any agent, then you are not allowed to make any changes in any mode, either offline or online. 


These are the Singapore airlines flight change policies that you must read before starting with the process. In case you face any issues while changing your flight, you can reach the Singapore customer service anytime, dial +65 9184 8888, and a representative will connect with you over the call. Singapore airline's customer service is available 24/7. 

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