Ryanair Missed Flight Policy

When a passenger misses their flight with Ryanair Airlines due to a natural disaster, health issues, traffic jams, etc., they are sometimes eligible for a refund or compensation for the missed flight. This eligibility for refund or compensation depends on the situation. Want to know what happens when you miss a Ryanair Flight? 

For the passengers, Airlines has set up some Ryanair Missed Flight Policy. These policies are made in favor of passengers only. To know whether you are eligible for a refund or compensation and want to know what will happen next when you miss the flight, continue reading.

Ryanair Missed flight policies.

  • When a passenger misses their flight after security check-in, Ryanair provides no refund or compensation.
  • When the flight is missed because of any natural calamity like a tsunami or earthquake lightning, airlines will either provide you a full refund or book your ticket for the next flight. 
  • When a flight is missed from the mistake of Ryanair Airline’s end, like a delay in giving a boarding pass or a late security check, airlines either give the passenger a refund or book a seat on the next flight.
  • When the flight is missed due to any health issue, the airline will provide some compensation and book a new ticket.
  • If a passenger does not want a refund, they can board the next upcoming Ryanair flight to their destination within two or three hours.
  • When a passenger misses the flight, they can put their name on a standby list, and if there is any available seat on the flight, they will be able to board the flight.
  • A passenger misses their flight because of the delay of the first flight, which was of Ryanair, then airlines will provide the flight ticket for an upcoming flight to their destination.

What to do when a passenger misses their flight?

When a passenger misses their flight, they should contact the customer care executive of the airline, and they will assist them. To know the steps and ways to contact the customer care executive of the airlines, then read the points given below:

Contact the airlines through phone call: after a flight miss passengers should contact the airlines for rescheduling or ask whether they are eligible for compensation or not. Follow the steps to get in touch with airlines through a phone call.

  • Firstly, open the internet browser and open the official website Ryanair 
  • Click on the “help center” on the top right corner of the page
  • Select help center from the customer care section
  • And then click on contact us, get the phone number 
  • Dial the provided number +44 1279358588 or +44-203-514-1039 (OTA) and press the keys to select the language as per your choice
  • Select “5” for missed flight and press “9” to talk to a customer care representative.
  • Give the details of your missed flight and reschedule for a new one.

Contact the customer service at the airport: if you have missed your flight and are present at the airport, you can visit the reservation department, share your details, and reschedule your flight ticket.

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