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When you decide to fly from one place to another via airlines, all you need to do is purchase a ticket, produce the identification proof to the authority, and then your ticket is booked, and now you can fly to your desired place. But, confusion arises when you're carrying any pet (that can be a cat, dog, or any other pet) along with you while traveling with Oman Air but confused whether you will be allowed to carry a pet or not and if yes, then what would be the Oman Air Pet Policy, below is the detailed discussion of the policy and the process, that would help you in understanding the steps. Have a glance:

Oman Air Pet Policy

While traveling on airlines, you ensure before boarding a plane or while checking in whether the luggage carrying capacity has not been exceeded or you are carrying your tickets (which you have booked) and passports; also, there is a separate procedure to book a ticket. Similarly, if you are taking a pet along with you, there is a procedure, documentation process, and policy at Oman airlines which is mentioned below:

  • One must fill "Live Animal Transport Request."
  • Produce the documents that are essential to get an allowance for your pet, which are veterinary certificates, permits, etc.
  • Your pet cannot fly in the cabin along with you.
  • Cats and also dogs are the ones who are permitted to travel in Oman Air. (Maximum two animals are allowed per person.)
  • Your pets can fly as checked baggage or air cargo in the cargo section. (on the basis of rules and regulations of Oman Airlines and the destination country.)
  • Inform Oman Air 48 hours before your scheduled flight about the pet you're carrying.
  • Produce the Health Certificate to Oman Air, and this certificate must not be old than 10 days from your traveling date.
  • A pet must be in a pet crate. (If a pet is traveling in the cargo section.)
  • The weight of a pet and its carrier should be 75 kg (165lbs), and the crate's size should be 115 inches or 292 cm. (if your pet is flying as checked baggage.) if the limit exceeds, then it should travel as air cargo.
  • You must check in 4 hours before your scheduled flight at the airport
  • You must produce a "Fitness to travel" certificate (issued by a verified veterinary officer) only in case your pet is pregnant.
  • Vaccination must have done against rabies.

These are the points that one should keep in mind before carrying your pet to the flight, and also there are some other travel guidelines that you need to make sure of for the safe flight of your pet; below are the points:

  • Feed your dog 2 hours before your scheduled flight. (food or water is not served during the flight.)
  • Make your animal naturalized to its kennel at least 5 days before your scheduled flight.

If you have any more queries about the pet policy of Oman Air, you can always call the customer executive by calling on 968-2453-1111 or 1 (802) 636-9417.

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