LATAM Airlines Missed Flight Policy

If you have missed a flight with LATAM Airlines, you should know the missed flight policies of the airline.

1. No Show policy: If you missed the LATAM flight due to your mistake, there are chances that the airline will apply a No show policy to you. This means-

  • You cannot apply for a refund from LATAM Airlines in case of a missed flight.
  • The airline will cancel your returning flight automatically if you have booked a round trip.
  • LATAM Airlines will reduce certain privileges like getting travel miles, upgrades, etc.

2. Refunds: As per LATAM Airlines missed flight policy, you cannot ask for a refund if you missed the flight due to personal issues. However, you can request a refund in case of some serious emergencies, but you need to attach some documents as proof.

3. Book a new flight: If you have already informed the customer representative about your delay, you can book another or next flight to the same destination by paying some charge. This will save the cancellation of returning connecting flights.

4. Rescheduled flight: If you know that you cant reach the airport on time, you can call the customer representative to reschedule the same flight with LATAM Airlines. You can also cancel the current flight and book a new flight within 24 hours.

5. Standby List: LATAM Airlines has a standby list for the passengers who have missed their flight and want to book a new flight. Therefore, if there is some last-minute cancellation by some customer, LATAM Airlines transfers the seat to you.

6. Travel Agencies: If you booked a flight with the help of travel agencies, you need to contact them to make the required arrangements.

These are some important rules you need to know after missing a flight with LATAM Airlines. However, if you had to miss the flight due to some issue with the airline, you can claim compensation as per LATAM Airlines missed flight policy guidelines. 

What rights do customers have if they miss the flight due to LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines provide some advantage to the customers if they had to miss their flight due to some issue with the airline. In such cases, LATAM Airlines compensates the customers in different ways.

  • If you missed the flight and have a round trip, the airline will provide you with another consecutive flight at the same ticket price.
  • LATAM Airlines provide the remaining refund in case of a delayed connecting flight.
  • If the next connecting flight will take more than 3 hours to arrive, LATAM Airlines arranges the nearest hotel stay.
  • If you carry extra baggage or have sent the luggage through cargo, the airline takes all the responsibility for missed or destroyed baggage.
  • You can refuse to get a rescheduled flight and ask for the full refund in the form of the original payment method or travel voucher.

So, we hope that you know most of the rules on milling a LATAM flight. However, if you want to get some more information on LATAM Airlines missed flight policy, you can contact the airline's customer service. You will find the contact details on the official website of LATAM Airlines.

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