Give a brief about LATAM Airlines Group Reservations. 

Traveling is more fun when the passenger gets to travel in a group. Keeping it in mind, LATAM Airlines has given the passenger the choice to travel in groups when they plan a vacation with family and friends. Read through the details given in the article below, which will provide insight into the various. 

Details about LATAM Airline Group Reservation Policy:

The passenger who is looking to make a group reservation with LATAM Airlines needs to adhere to the policies that are governed by the airline while making the booking. The various pointers that have been formulated as part of the policy are:

  • Group reservation bookings can only be made through the official website of LATAM Airlines. The group needs to have a minimum of 10 members to successfully make the booking. 
  • LATAM holds the right to give a name to the group booking made through a single reservation. For the requests that have been made through the form, the agency must provide a name for the group.
  • All the names in the group need to be correctly entered, having a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 23 characters.
  • In a group of minors, there should be an adult present in accordance with the ratio required who will take responsibility for the entire group.
  • The group, which contains a passenger requiring special assistance, would be treated the same and would not be put under any restrictions given they are able to manage well during the entire trip.
  • Group reservations made cannot be canceled for a single passenger if a member of the group chooses to cancel their booking. 
  • The Check-in for group bookings cannot be done online, and the passengers need to reach the airport well in advance to make the check-in through the self-service kiosk machine or at the airport counter. 

Is the booking for Group travel hassle-free with LATAM?

Yes, group travel bookings can be made very easily with LATAM Airlines through the major process discussed below.

Booking through the official website:

The passengers can make LATAM Airlines Group Reservations by filling out the group request form available on the official website of the airline. The members of the group need to fill in all the details correctly, check through all the specifications given and then make a final submission after the payment. The confirmation mail will be shared by the airline on the registered email address of the passenger who has made the booking. 

Connecting to an agent with the airline for group reservations:

The passengers can connect with the airline through the simple process of calling if the status of the form submitted to the airline is still under review. The call with the airline can be placed at 1 866 435 9526, wherein the passenger will het connect to the customer support team, who will assign a group booking agent for assistance. They will then guide through for the passenger to make the group booking successfully.

What is group boarding with LATAM Airlines?

LATAM Airlines has implemented group boarding in all their flights for the passengers who are traveling with them. According to this, they are grouped into 6 to make the boarding easier. The groups into which they are prioritized and segregated are:

  • Premium Boarding: all the elite class passengers. 
  • Pre-boarding: special passengers, pregnant women, elderly and infants.
  • Regular boarding: all the group of passengers with the base fare. 

Winding Up: The passengers will now have a fair idea of the LATAM Group Travel policy and the simple process through which they can easily make the booking. For further details, do connect with an agent from the Customer Support team of the airline who will provide the additional assistance required. 

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