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When you plan a trip to your desired destination, you can reach out quickly to airlines. If you want to visit any place to seek out your urgent work but you are pregnant, then there are a few terms and conditions of the airline you must follow. Every airline allows pregnant passengers, and Kuwait airways are one of them. While bookings with Kuwait airways, you will get several facilities like an easy refund after cancelation, representatives, to help you, premium facilities if you book a first-class ticket, etc. If you want to know about the pregnancy policy information, you need to read below. 

The pregnancy policies of Kuwait airways are mentioned below mention.

  • You can only travel with Kuwait airways if the time left on your delivery date is more than four weak, and if the due date comes in less than this time, then you will not be able to travel. 
  • If your pregnancy stage is up to the 28th week and your pregnancy details are normal, then there is no need for a MEDIF form. If your pregnancy stage is in the 29th week to up to 36 weeks and your return flight is in the same duration, then your MEDIF certificate is required. 
  • You must carry all your medical documents, and a travel certificate from your doctor or physician is required; you must show all these documents at the counter of Kuwait airways. 
  • The special assistance team member will send your physician a medical certificate they must fill out. 
  • If the passengers are 36th weak or 36 weak+ one day, they will not allow Kuwait airways to travel even if their physician or doctor allows them to travel. 
  • Required Documents must be written in English, and the certificates you must carry while traveling is given below.
  • Patient name and date of birth certificate
  • Estimated date of delivery
  • Confirmation of normal pregnancy or complicated pregnancy from a physician
  • Allowance of physician that the patient is fit for travel for the entire trip
  • Date, stamp, and contact details of your physician

Ways to apply for special assistance for pregnant patients are below. 

Through the help of a representative: You can get the benefit of representatives who will help you and guide you to book your flight. You must call the mentioned number +1 (201)-582-9200 and choose the suitable language. After this, you need to follow the IVR instruction.

  • Press 1 To make the new bookings or modify your previous bookings. 
  • Press 2 to get special assistance for needed passengers 
  • Press 3. If you want to know about the luggage policy 
  • Press 4 to know about offers or deals 
  • Press 5 to connect with the representatives 

Select your option and then connect 

Online: You must go with the points below to do it online. 

  • Open the website of Kuwait airways 
  • Then click on the special assistance option
  • On the next screen, a form will open in which you must fill out the pregnancy, patient, doctor, etc. 
  • Following this, you must fill out the booking and contact information.
  • After this, you must submit that form, and a representative will connect with you. 

By reading the above, you will learn about Kuwait Airways Pregnancy Policy. If you have any issues, you can also contact the representatives and get help. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally Kuwait Airways?

Ans. Get details for a pregnant can you fly internationally Kuwait Airways

When you travel with a pregnant lady on international Kuwait Airways, you must read some valid terms to avoid unnecessary difficulty. So, before planning to travel with a pregnant lady, you must comprehend the valuable Kuwait Airways pregnancy policy to make your flight journey safe and secure.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally Kuwait Airways?

If you want to fly with a pregnant lady on an international flight with Kuwait Airlines, you must show the medical certificate stating the number of weeks of pregnancy that clarifies everything. Let’s go through the pregnancy policy.

  • According to the airline, you must have a doctor's certificate only if you are more than 27-28 weeks pregnant.
  • If you are pregnant, 21 weeks should not be an issue, and you can fly to your destination comfortably.
  • If you are traveling after 31 to 32 weeks airlines, you are not allowed to travel, but you can take consult with the doctor.
  • You can also fill out a form in which you talk about the self-declaration as a pregnant lady, and you are fit to travel easily.

Thus, Kuwait Airlines generally recommends you show the current pregnancy report, and must confirm that she is fully fit

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