KLM Missed Flight Policy

If you had a reservation or a booking and you missed your flight because of any circumstances, one thing always strikes your mind what is going to happen now? How will I take my money back? So don’t worry because KLM Royal Dutch can provide some compensation, but it totally depends on the reason you have. Sometimes you miss your flight because of the bad weather or of a health issue. KLM missed flight policies are made for the passengers so they can easily get to know the criteria of a missed flight; if you want to know whether you can compensate for the missed flight or not, then continue reading.

Missed KLM flight due to Personal reason

If you miss your flight due to a personal reason, then KLM will listen to your reason, and then only you have the chance to get the compensation.

  • The ticket type also matters when you miss your KLM flight; the compensation depends on the class of ticket you bought. 
  • If there is any death-like situation that occurs in your home or you are met with an accident, then KLM will provide a travel voucher that you can use on your next flight.

KLM Other policies

  • Suppose you miss your flight because of any natural disaster like an earthquake, heavy rainfall, etc. KLM will provide you with a travel voucher which you can use for your next flight.
  • If you have any severe health issues on the day of departure, you can request compensation by showing your medical.
  • If you need to travel anyhow, KLM will provide their very next flights to your destination in two to three hours.
  • If your flight is missed, you can put your name on the standby list, and if there is any seat available on the next flight to your destination, you can board the next flight.
  • If you missed your delayed flight KLM, then KLM will provide the next flight to your destination.
  • If you missed your flight after security check-in, then KLM will not be responsible for any compensation.
  • If your flight is missed because of the mistake of the airline team, as they delayed in giving you a boarding pass or in the security check, then the airline will provide the very next flight to your destination in two to three hours.

What to do when you miss a flight

If you missed your flight, you could contact the customer care executive for the number. You have to go to the official website and click on the contact us option; there, you will find the official number of KLM, or you can find the number of KLM on the google browser. Dial the number 1 (800) 618-0104 or 1 (802) 636-9417 and tell them your genuine reason in a humble way and ask them for a next flight or for compensation. And if you are at the Airport and you missed your flight, go to the reservation desk of KLM, give them your details and tell them your genuine reason and ask for the next flight or for the compensation. Sometimes your good and respectful way of speaking to a customer care executive will be good for you, as everything is in their hand only.

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