How to Get a Refund from China Eastern Airlines? 

When a passenger books their flights at China Eastern Airlines, there are chances that the flight may cancel or the passenger has to cancel their flight itself for various reasons. For those conditions, you need to be aware of the refund policies so that you can get your money back. You need to be eligible for a refund which depends on various factors, and then you can ask for the refund. 

What is the refund policy of China Eastern Airlines?

The refund policies you should know when you make bookings at China Eastern Airlines are given below:

  • The passenger should have canceled the flight ticketto be eligible for a refund, whether it is unused or half-used. 
  • Cancelation of a ticket within 24 hours of reservation will be applicable for a full refund. 
  • Cancellation of a ticket after a 24-hour reservation period is not applicable for a full refund, and a deduction will be made for the taxes and other administrative changes. 
  • Half-used tickets can be canceled at China Eastern Airlines, and after deductions, the amount will be refunded to the passengers. 
  • Cancellation of your flight from China Eastern Airlines itself will be applicable for a full refund. 
  • You can also cancel the flight which gets delayed by three or more 3 hours and can apply for a full refund. 
  • Cancellation of a flight for medical conditions also gets you a refund after the tax deduction. 

How can I apply for a refund at China Eastern Airlines?

There are two methods available to apply for a refund. The procedure of both of the methods to apply refund are as follows:

Apply for a Refund through the Website

You can take advantage of the China Eastern Airlines website to send your request for a refund. You will have to fill out a simple form adding the flight and personal details, and after the verification, a refund will be approved. 

The procedure for applying for refund from the website:

  • Visit the site of China Eastern Airlines on your web browser,
  • Click the “Contact Us” icon on the homepage,
  • Then find the refund option,
  • There you will see the refund form,
  • Open the refund form on your screen,
  • Fill it with the required details,
  • Attach the documents which are necessary,
  • Then send it to China Eastern Airlines.

Apply for a Refund through Customer Service

You can speak with a person at China Eastern Airlines customer service to apply for a refund. Reach out to customer service and give the ticket details for which you need to claim the refund, and they will check the eligibility and will verify your details. After that, the refund request will be submitted. 

The procedure for applying refund from customer service:

  • Dial the contact number 1800-200-5118
  • Wait for a moment to connect with a person,
  • Then ask for the refund request,
  • The person will take some details,
  • After checking the eligibility, the refund request will be sent to China Eastern Airlines.

Hence, if you book a flight and you do not board for any condition, you should get your money back. For this, you are required to know China Eastern Airlines Refund Policy which was provided earlier. Use a method of your choice to send the refund request. 

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