How to Get a Mobile Boarding Pass on Qatar Airways?

Finding long queues at check-in counters at any airport is a familiar sight. With so many flyers trying to check-in, it can be arduous to wait, especially if someone is already behind schedule to catch their flight. Qatar Airways, however, offers the option of online check-in and allows its passengers to download the boarding pass on their phone, helping the flyers lessen the load on their bustling schedule.

What is a Mobile Boarding pass?

  • A boarding pass is an entitled piece of paper, a document, which must be shown just before entering the plane.
  • The boarding pass to a passenger is given at the time of check-in.
  • As the terminology suggests, a mobile boarding pass is the e-document version of a physical boarding pass.
  • This mobile boarding pass is generated or sent to a customer using Qatar's online check-in feature.
  • Thus, anyone who checks in using the Qatar Airways mobile application or the Qatar webpage will receive the mobile boarding pass either on their email or the mobile application screen.
  • One can download the mobile boarding pass on their mobile phones and show the document when asked for it at the time of boarding.
  • One can even have the pass printed if they prefer carrying a physical form of the document.

How can to get a Mobile Boarding pass?

Getting a mobile boarding pass is a simple process. One can use the Qatar mobile application or get on the Qatar website to get their mobile boarding pass by checking in online. The online check-in opens up 24 hours before the flight departure and cuts off 30 minutes before the take-off, and one can follow the given measures that outline the whole process.

Via Qatar Airways Website:

  • The first step is to check-in for the flight, and once the Qatar homepage opens on the browser's screen, click on the "Check-in" tab and wait for the check-in menu.
  • Search for the flight via its reservation details, and click "Check-in."
  • Pay the online check-in charges as prompted by the webpage, and an email will confirm the successful check-in.
  • The Mobile boarding pass will also be received within the email after a successful check-in.
  • One can download this document and store it on their mobile devices or get it printed to carry to the airport.

Via Mobile application:

The check-in using the Qatar mobile application isn't too different from the website. However, it's the setup of the application that needs to be discussed. Those who don't have the mobile application can get the same from their mobile device's relevant application store, install it, and then sign in using their Qatar account credentials. Now, if one doesn't have a Qatar account yet, it can be set up free from the application itself. Once the account is set up and one gets to the application's home screen, one can click on the "Check-in" option, search for the flight and make the check-in payments. Upon successful check-in, the mobile application will display the boarding pass. One can either download or print it.

Where can I use the Mobile Boarding pass?

  • The mobile boarding pass is a relatively new feature in the air travel arena, and many airports are still adapting.
  • One must check if the airport they are flying from can process a mobile boarding pass.

If the airport cannot process the Mobile Boarding Pass for Qatar Airways, it is advised to print the pass to let oneself qualify to get aboard the plane. One may contact Qatar Airways for answers to any further queries.

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