Learn about Copa Airlines mobile boarding pass

However, if you have made a reservation with Copa Airlines, you can benefit from the e-boarding pass through the mobile check-in procedure. With the help of an e-boarding pass, you do not need to print out your ticket, but this benefit might not be available at some destinations. So to grab the boarding pass on your phone, read the title beneath.

Method to get a mobile boarding pass from Copa Airlines

When you are aware of the fact that at the airport from which you have to take the flight to allow the e-boarding pass or for any reason you wish to get the boarding on your phone, then you can take the reference form points mentioned here and take your Mobile Boarding Pass for Copa Airlines.

  • First of all, install the mobile application of Copa Airlines or use the internet browser on your phone.
  • Then you have to get to the check-in option and select the same. 
  • In the next step, you have to enter your booking reference number and the passenger's surname; then tap on the retrieve booking.
  • When the check-in tab is opened, then you have the different option to add in your booking as seat or baggage;You have to select the passenger whose check you wish to complete, then tap on the next.
  • You have to confirm the passenger details on the net procedure and tap on the next icon on the net procedure.
  • As the check-in procedure is completed, the boarding pass will be saved on your phone and the Copa Airlines application.
  • To check the boarding pass, get to the boarding pass option on the application, and there you get a preview of your ticket.
  • Otherwise, you can also get to the email address which has been provided at the time of booking; when you get there, download the boarding pass.

Essence Copa Airlines mobile boarding pass

If you are willing to get the mobile boarding pass or have it, then here is its essence.  

  • When you carry the mobile boarding pass, you can reach the airport45 minutes earlier than the flight departure schedule, but you can get to the airport at least two to three hours prior for safety.
  • When you have the mobile boarding pass, you might not have to carry the physical boarding pass, but if the airport does not allow the same, give your mobile boarding pass to the airport counter, and they will give you the printout.
  • When you are traveling with your pets, you might not be able to perform the mobile check-in. and for that, you have to visit the airport for the check-in procedure and the boarding pass
  • Mobile boarding cannot be issued for the group traveling, and if you face the same condition, you have to do a physical check-in procedure.
  • When you have received the mobile boarding pass, you will see your seat number, passenger name, flight number, and seat number, or if you have not selected a seat, the airline will issue it before boarding the flight.

So, this is all related information regarding the mobile boarding pass on Copa Airlines, but when you have something more to know about or doubt, use any of the communication options and get to the customer support.

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