What should I do to get compensation from EasyJet? 

Suppose you have booked an EasyJet flight to go on vacation. But unfortunately, the flight got delayed for around five hours. You must think you made a great mistake booking a flight with EasyJet. Do not worry, and you are permitted to Claim Compensation from Easyjet if the mishap occurred from their side. You must be asking how to do it; read the article to know more about that.

Before you proceed further, you should know about the terms and conditions for the compensation or refund. 

EasyJet terms and conditions for compensation: 

In EasyJet, certain policies give information on the amount of your refund, how you can claim your refund, or in which things you will get the compensation. They come under EC261 rules, which make them pay compensation. You can check those terms and conditions below to claim your compensation.

  • If your booking is canceled from their side due to internal or technical reasons, they will arrange a new flight or give you compensation. 
  • If an EasyJet flight got delayed, then you are entitled to ask for compensation. However, the compensation rate will depend upon the delay time and your travel distance. 
  • When the Duration of the delay is 2 hours, and under 1500 km of the journey, you will get a remuneration of around $250. 
  • Delay for more than 3 hours or the travel distance is 1500-3500 km, then you will get $400 as compensation. 
  • Over 3500 km, you will get compensation up to $600. 
  • EasyJet will give you up to $700 compensation if the flight arrives at your destination airport with a delay of 3 hours.
  • In case of an overnight flight, if the flight got delayed or canceled, EasyJet will arrange accommodation for you, like hotels, etc. If they fail to do so and you have done it on your own, you can get compensation by showing the invoice of your expenses for accommodation. 
  • If the flight gets diverted, then either EasyJet will arrange accommodation for you or they will reimburse the money you have paid for the housing. 

What are the procedures to get your compensation? 

You can get compensation by following these methods. You can do it both online and offline.

Via Compensation form: You should use a compensation form to get the compensation. To get the compensation, you should follow these steps: 

  • Open the browser, and visit the EasyJet website www.easyjet.com
  • Now you can find the manage booking option on the top. Click on that. 
  • Sign in to the EasyJet account. 
  • Now you enter the details such as the last name and booking no. 
  • Now you can see the compensation and refund option; click on that. 
  • Select the reason you want a refund. 
  • Describe the cause, and submit. 
  • After you submit, they will verify and will give you compensation. 

Also, you can Contact the EasyJet customer service center to get your compensation. Talk to the customer service representative at their customer center and tell them why you want to Claim Compensation from Easyjet. To get more information on payment and refund, go to the official website of EasyJet or call their customer care number.

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