Know more about Multi City Flight on Virgin Atlantic

Anyone having an elaborate travel plan or a long-haul flight would sigh at the possibility of having a flight that would take constant breaks at the desired locations along the way. Making this possible, Virgin Atlantic offers the prospect of booking a Multi-city flight, allowing travelers to have as many stops as they want, where and how long they want, under one reservation. Those interested in booking such a reservation can check out the discussions below to know so.

What is a Multi City Virgin Atlantic flight?

  • In simple terms, a Multi City flight is a special reservation under which multiple flights can be booked with one ticket.
  • These flights can be on different dates and have different origins and destinations, and some other differences depending upon the choice of the passenger.
  • This can be done if the traveler is looking forward to exploring multiple cities in a single vacation or if the desired destination is far enough to make a single flight uncomfortable.
  • One can rest, clean up, eat and explore each of the stopover destinations, and then take the next flight at the pre-decided time.

Is booking a Virgin Multi City flight worth it?

Speaking in terms of Monetary benefit, it isn’t a given that one will always save money by booking a Multi City reservation instead of multiple one-way trips. Still, in general, Multi City flights will be cheaper on many occasions than the other options. However, the real benefit of booking this reservation is the freedom to explore various parts of the world without having to deal with the hassles of booking a flight for each point. Plus, many airlines also facilitate their Multi City travelers by providing complimentary stays at the stopover points. 

Book a Multi-city flight on the Virgin Atlantic Website:

  • To book a multi-city flight, get on the Virgin Atlantic Website and click on the “Round Trip” to change it to “Multi-city.”
  • Fill in the rest of the required parameters for each flight.
  • Enter the details for “Flight 1” and “Flight 2,” and if one requires more flights, they can click on the add icon to do so.
  • Next, search for the most suitable flights from the search results and fill in each passenger’s details.
  • One can add other flight services as needed and continue till one gets to the payments page.
  • Complete the payments, and an email will notify the passenger about the successful booking, along with the flight details for the Multi-City reservation.

Via Mobile app:

One can download the Virgin Air application from the app store on their mobile devices, sign in with their Virgin Air account or create a free account to get to the home screen of the application. Here, tapping on the “Book flight” option will yield all the available choices as on the website explained above, and the same procedure has to be followed from here on.

One can also contact the Virgin Air reservations department to book Virgin Atlantic Multi City Flights by dialing the contact number of Virgin customer care. The reservations agent will help anyone to get a confirmed flight reservation.

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