How to Book a Flight Ticket with a Stopover? 

Did you know that numerous airlines permit travelers to book a flight ticket when purchasing a flight? By tacking on a free stopover to visit your flights, you could see two destinations at the cost of one and save colossal cash simultaneously! If you have additional time to visit on an International flight, we strongly suggest it. It empowers you to see something else for your money and take full advantage of your time off!

Of course, tracking down these flights is not generally simple; you need to know how to search for them and how you can book them. You'll see that adding a free stopover tends to be exceptionally simple. So, we learned that we could quickly fly to top cities on our way or from our planned destination for almost no additional cash by using this stopover flight booking technique. Let's figured out what are all the Flight Stopover Rules and how you can easily book them. Pursue further!

Flight stopover Rules: 

  • Various airlines define a Layover as a connection of fewer than 24 hours on an international flight and less than 4 hours on domestic flights. 
  • When the Stopover is allowed by the airlines, and as a rule, it will depend on whether the flight ticket is a paid ticket or the award ticket. 
  • If you are flying domestic flights, once you land your layover, you will pass through the transfer place that will take you to the gate for your next flight without having any check in.
  • Your luggage will automatically pass through to the next flight, without you having to collect them. 

Instructions to search for a Free Stopover Flight

Go Through the Airline: you have presumably seen a few airlines promoting the Stopover straightforwardly. For example, Icelandair advances its Stopover in Reykjavik on the way to different destinations in Europe. They even have a helpful "Icelandair Stopover" button to simplify booking. Singapore Air, Japan Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, and Emirates are three others that straightforwardly publicize Stopover.

Use the Manual Method: As a  Flight Stopover Rules,  A few airlines, such as IcelandAir and now British Airways, have a helpful stopover search button on their flight device that permits you to search for and select the stopover choices they offer. It's genuinely advantageous, and we wish all airlines would suggest it. However, they don't, unfortunately.

Use the Multicity Flight Search: The number one method to book your Stopover is by visiting the site and using the multicity search. This empowers you to track down Stopover rapidly on practically any airline. 

The most effective method to book a Stopover Flights

  • Using the OTA'S sites, such as Skyscanner, look into the round-trip flight you need. Take a note of the destinations you want to reach through your final destination. There you can book a free stopover. 
  • For example, let's look at a flight from Seattle to Hong Kong. Start by searching for a round trip to Hong Kong.
  • The search uncovers potential associations in Beijing (PEK), Shanghai (PVG), Taiwan (TPE), and Seoul, South Korea (ICN). Thus, there is a high probability you can book a free stopover in any of those cities. 

Airlines That Offer Free Stopovers

Sometimes, the simplest method for finding a free stopover is to design one with an airline promoting free Stopover. There are a few known ones that you can look at:

  • Air China: Up to 72 hours without visa stopover
  • Air France: Not accessible on non-adaptable fares
  • Emirates: Allows as long as 96 hours of Stopover
  • Etihad: Maximum two evenings
  • Finnair: Two free Stopover allowed (one toward every path)
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Available to customers going from domestic destinations
  • Icelandair: Stays as long as seven evenings
  • Japan Air: Two free stopovers for up to five individuals
  • Singapore Airlines: Two free Stopover on each class
  • British Airways offers multi-stop choices with an added stopover. 

As a rule, to book a free Stopover, use their multicity option to track down this choice.

Bottom Line 

S0, if you follow Flight Stopover Rules carefully,  You'll see that tracking down free Stopover to add to your processes is amazingly simple whenever you've had some practice. It's an extraordinary method to see more and stretch your travel dollar considerably.  

If you have any tips to add about booking Stopover, Do let us Know!

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