How can I avail Transportation Security Administration or TSA precheck facility on Delta Airlines?

Travel Security Administration or TSA Precheck is a membership-based program initiated by the US Government to facilitate passengers who are assumed to be low risk with check-in to the flight. TSA Precheck enables you to pass through the security barrier of the airport in just 5 minutes, whereas with no TSA Precheck facility, it will take time.

Delta Airlines also provides the TSA process facility, and you can benefit from it if you are traveling with Delta Airlines. For TSA PreCheck, You should know how Delta Airlines Add TSA Precheck and gives benefits to their customers. Go through the article to learn more. 

What is TSA PreCheck? 

As mentioned earlier, TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, to get through fast on the security scan. Remember that it requires membership and your TSA Precheck to be approved.

How to add TSA Precheck to your Delta Airlines? 

If you do not know whether Delta Airlines gives the TSA facility or not? Yes, you can avail TSA PreCheck facility with your booking. You can add TSA before and after the booking both times. 

To Add TSA PreCheck in passenger’s Delta Airlines Bookings, you need some prerequisites, which are : 

  • Applied for TSA Precheck facility: You must apply for TSA PreCheck on You will be eligible to avail of the TSA Precheck facility only when your application is approved. After your application got approved, you will get a Known Traveler Number or KTN number. Remember it for future reference. 
  • You should have your Delta Airlines Skyline account: You need a Delta Skyline Account to get to the TSA facility. Log in to your Skyline account with the correct username and password.

Methods to add your TSA precheck to your Delta airlines booking:

 You can TSA Precheck facility to your Delta airlines before and after your Delta Airlines booking. Follow the processes to know more about these processes:

For Existing bookings: You can add the TSA PreCheck after the booking. If you already booked your ticket, then you can follow the simple steps to avail the TSA facility: 

  • First, visit, which is delta’s official website. 
  • Afterward, you will find a login button at the top, click on that and log in to your Delta Skyline account. 
  • After successful login, Go to the Manage booking option. 
  • Enter details, like booking number and last name.
  • Now go to the edit passenger details. 
  • Add your Known Traveler Number or KTN, also known as the PreCheck number.
  • Submit it, and your booking will be updated with TSA precheck facility.  

For New Bookings: If you want to add TSA to new bookings, then you can follow the steps below: 

  • Log in to your Skymiles account at
  • Then go to your profile. 
  • Now you will find many add-on options like ‘secure flight info.’ 
  • Add your KTN number. 
  • Click on ‘save.’

What is the cost to apply for TSA PreCheck? 

You will need a one-time fee of $85 to apply for TSA PreCheck. It is a membership program. 

You already know how Delta Airlines Add TSA Precheck, and what are the benefits of TSA Precheck or the cost to apply for TSA Precheck. Go to Delta airlines’ website to know more. 

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