Peacefully reserved ticket for your Furbaby with Delta’s pet-friendly policies.

Whenever we are traveling with our pets, we check Airlines’ policies and services to make them comfortable while flying from one place to another, and Delta has pet-friendly policies that provide security to your beloved pets. 

How Much is Delta Pet fee?

Delta pet fee depends on the region, destination and the size of the animal while traveling. If you bring your pet from the US/ Canada/ Virgin Islands, then you have to pay $95 USD., and if you are bringing it from another destination, then the fee will be $200 USD approximately.

What are the regulations for carrying your pets in Delta?

Delta has some standard policies that will guide you about the restrictions while carrying your pet in the cabin to protect other passengers and make the journey relaxed. Here is the detailed information about booking pet tickets with terms and conditions:

  • You can not reserve seats, including the Bulkhead seats, seats near the emergency exit row, no stowage seats, Flat-bed or Delta One seats to provide safety to your pets. 
  • Your pet must be older than eight weeks for domestic travel and 16 weeks for international travel. 
  • Your kennel should have enough space where your pet can be easily adjustable. 
  • You can carry the kennel that fits underneath the seat. 
  • The dimensions of kennel should be under 18” x 11” x 11”. 
  • The Delta pet fee depends on the size of your pets and the region you are traveling for. 

Does Delta allow pets as cargo?

Yes, Delta allows pets as cargo, and you can book your cargo until 14 days prior to the departure time. You have to check all essential terms and conditions to travel with pets safely and healthily. The policies decide the penalties and charges for the shipment of your furbabies. 

Does Delta transport pets internationally?

Yes, delta transports the pets internationally by their cargo and underneath seat policies. You have to pay the Delta pet fee according to their rules and regulations and the region you are shipping the pet to, it will vary between $75 USD to $200 USD according to your arrival and departure airport. They will provide in-flight service to your pets that engage them while flying and make them comfortable. 

How many pets does Delta allow in the cabin?

If you are traveling from Domestic First Class, including Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and your ticket is booked for Domestic Business Class and Domestic Delta One International First Class, then you carry only 2 pets, and if you have booked the ticket for the main cabin for domestic and international flight, then you can carry four pets. Some Delta pet fee will be applicable to ship your pet. 

What size dog can fly on Delta?

You can carry a dog that fits under the dimensions of 18” x 11” x 11” and can move easily in the kennel without touching or sticking out from the side. You can fit two same size and breed pets in the same kennel, if they are comfortable. 

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