How Much Compensation do you Get for Cancelled Flights?

Are you aware of your rights when flying in India with an airline? In August 2019, India's Ministry of Civil Aviation announced a charter that details the rights of passengers travelling within the country. Some restrictions remain the same as before, while others have been altered to meet the needs of the airline and the passengers. Let's take a look at these new guidelines as an Indian airline passenger.

  • If you arrive at the airport on time, your flight has a block time of 2.5 hours, and your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, you will be given a free lunch during your wait. The same is true if the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours and the block time is 2.5-5 hours.

  • If your domestic flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, you will be notified of the new departure time before your original scheduled departure time. In addition, the airline has the option of offering you a different flight within that time frame or a complete refund of your ticket.

  • In two instances, you are entitled to a complimentary hotel stay. One, if you are notified of your delayed flight less than 24 hours before your scheduled departure, and the second, if the flight delay is greater than 24 hours or 6 hours for flights planned between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m.

  • If your flight is cancelled and you are notified within a fortnight of the scheduled departure, you are entitled to a replacement flight or a full refund of your ticket.

  • If the airline terminal for which you had booked has been altered, you are entitled to a refund for the cost of switching to the original one. However, if you have not informed us of your terminal change in advance of 6 hours, you will be responsible for making your own arrangements.

  • Additionally, if you have been offered an alternate flight and are waiting for it, the airline will serve you with food and refreshments throughout your wait.

Instances in which you are not entitled to any form of remuneration

When a flight is delayed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond the airline's control, such as a political conflict, natural disaster, civil war, aircraft strikes, or a slowdown in the airline's operations. In addition, if a flight delay or cancellation is caused by a security risk, the airline is not obligated to pay any compensation. air traffic management. Whether you pack a week ahead of time or stay up till the wee hours of the night to get it done at the last minute, the disappointment we feel when our flight is cancelled is the same. “Do I get a refund if my flight is cancelled?” is one of the most often asked queries of our Flightright staff.for the more detail about cancelled flight compensation you should have to read all the given information below.

When Will I Be Reimbursed for a Cancelled Flight?

Before we go any further, it's crucial to note that refunds and compensation are two different things. If your flight is cancelled by the airline, you have the option of receiving a full refund or rebooking. You are also entitled to compensation if your flight is cancelled after you have already arrived at the airport.

In addition to a ticket refund and care, an air passenger may be eligible to cancelled flight compensation in the following circumstances:

  • If the airline fails to notify you of the cancellation at least 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date of your flight.

  • If the airline had taken all reasonable precautions, they could have prevented the cancellation.

point to be noted : Before claiming compensation, check your email inbox's "spam" or "clutter" folder, as emails from the airline can sometimes end up there.

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