How do I Get in Touch with Icelandair? 

Icelandair customer service diligently tries to assist the passengers of the airline with quality services at the airport and on the flight. If you have booked a ticket on Icelandair and thereby have any queries or want to request for special assistance from Icelandair, you can visit the official website of the airline to avail numerous ways to get in touch with customer service of Icelandair. The following modes are the ways to reach Icelandair.

Ways to get in touch with Icelander:

Via call: you can call Icelandair customer service for information on queries and issues and special assistance services. By calling on  Icelandair phone number, you can directly connect with customer service and can speak to a person for assistance. Passengers always prefer the calling option at first for immediate assistance at the airport and onboard. Calling also helps when you cannot find detailed information on the official site. You have to follow the simple, easy steps to make a call and listen to the IVR instructions :

  • Call 00 1-800-223-5500 or 1 (802) 636-9417
  • Press 1- to choose the language
  • Press 2- to know about booking, re-bookings, cancellation, refund
  • Press 3- to know about allowance, restriction, missing baggage
  • Press4- to know about covid rules and regulations
  • Press 5- to know about special assistance services
  • Press #-to speak to a person at customer service, Icelandair

Via live chat: Icelanderair provides the passenger with the facility of a live chat session for reaching customer service for information on the services by the airline. Besides calls, live chat is also a means to instantly connect with a representative of Icelander customer service to resolve your doubts and queries. To commence the live chat, follow the simple procedure:

  • Go to the official website of Icelander
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the live chat option
  • Enter your messages
  • Get the necessary information from the Icelander customer service

Via feedback form: Feedback forms are a good option for sending your suggestions, complaints, and other reviews about the airline’s services to customer service. Icelandair has given a feedback form option to the passenger to connect with customer service. Through this mode, it may take some time for customer service to revert with the necessary information. To fill out and submission of the feedback form of Icelandair, do the following steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Icelandair
  • Click on the contact us tab
  • Select the feedback form option
  • Enter your last name, booking/reference number
  • Enter your messages of queries, requests
  • Click on the send button

Via social media: you can connect with the customer service of Icelanderair through the social media platform. If you go to the social media pages of Icelanderair, there will be a message button on the homepage. You can send your message through those pages. Customer service will receive your messages and respond immediately with the required assistance. Following are the social media pages of Icelandair.

  • Linked

To conclude, all the above-discussed ways will connect you with Icelander customer service for enquiring about your issues and doubts and also for information on the special assistance services of Icelandair.

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