How Do I Get A Refund from Belavia Airlines? 

When a person plans to fly with Belavia Airlines, there can be certain conditions in which they cannot board the booked flight. It might be because the passenger has canceled the ticket itself or the airline has canceled the flight. In both of these conditions, a person is eligible to get a refund, and for the same, they need to consider the refund policies and the different ways to apply for a refund. Below all the required details for getting a refund from Belavia Airlines are mentioned. 

Refund Policies of Belavia Airlines 

The policies that are imposed for giving refunds to customers by Belavia Airlines are as follows:

  • The cancellation of the flight ticket must have been done by the flight ticket holder before the take-off of the flight in order to apply for the refund. 
  • The cancellation of the ticket before the end of 24 hours from purchasing time will be fully refunded, but it must have been bought not less than 7 days from the scheduled date. 
  • The cancellation of the ticket after ending 24 hours of purchasing will be refunded partially based on the cancellation time period, fare, and destination. 
  • The ticket canceled by Belavia Airlines end will be fully refunded. 
  • If a delayed flight ticket is canceled by the passenger as it does not suit their travel plan, then also a refund will be offered. The flight must be delayed by more than 3 hours to get the free cancellation. 

Different Ways to Apply for Belavia Airlines Refund

The ways that can be used by a person to apply for a refund at Belavia Airlines are:

Apply for a Ticket Cancellation Refund

Belavia Airlines has given an application form to be filled out by the passenger to request a refund for the canceled flight. Here the steps are mentioned following which you can fill out the refund form:

  • Go on the website of Belavia Airlines,
  • Open the menu by clicking the three dots on the homepage,
  • Click the “Ticket Return” option,
  • Navigate the application form link and click on the same,
  • The application form will download to your device,
  • Now add details like personal and flight info on the required fields,
  • Next, email the application form to 

Contact an official at Customer Service

You can also get in touch with an official to apply for your refund at Belavia customer service. The contact number that you must use is (+375 17) 220-25-55. After calling this number, you must follow these instructions:

  • Select the human assistance option from the IVR,
  • Wait for a person to join the call,
  • You may have to wait for a person to avail on the other side of the call,
  • Next, you must ask to apply for a refund for the canceled flight,
  • State the details the person ask for,
  • Share the booking code and the passenger name,
  • The person will apply for your refund at Belavia Airlines. 

Hence, if you have canceled the flight ticket, then read the Belavia Airlines refund policy first and then apply for your refund with the help of a suitable platform. You can choose a way that you find suitable and adhere to the mentioned process for applying your refund to Belavia.

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