How do I Contact Norwegian Air From France?

Are you in France right now and require some information from Norwegian Air? You contact the airline from anywhere as it has customer service for all the countries around and solves the issues of customers around the world. Reaching out to Norwegian Air from France and getting the right information is effortless. You can use different mediums to contact the customer service team of Norwegian Air.

Different Mediums to Contact Norwegian Air from France

There are a number of different mediums available to get through Norwegian Air from France, which you can avail by the use of your phone or laptop. Each medium is equally efficient and brings you the information you require from the airlines. Contacting Norwegian Air offers a clear solution to your issue and detailed instructions on how you can resolve your case. The different mediums are:

Calling: By phone, you can reach out to a live person from Norwegian Air from France and discuss the queries you have to travel with them. The person will listen to the questions and provide the required details on your issue. Dial the Norwegian air Phone Number France: +33 (0) 970 738 001 and listen to the IVR commands:

  • Press 1 for Booking Queries,
  • Press 2 for Cancellation & refunds,
  • Press 3 General inquiry at Norwegian Air,
  • Press * for human assistance.
  • With this, your call will be directed to a Norwegian Air official,
  • You can acquire the assistance you need from the official,
  • Grab all the information on the call at once

Chatbot: If someone does not prefer calling the airline for minor queries, they can get the information from Norwegian Chatbot online. The chatbot replies to the queries without any wait and saves you time. If you want to use the chatbot, then follow the steps mentioned below for you:

  • Visit the Norwegian Air official website,
  • Choose the language you prefer from the given options,
  • Scroll to halfway of the homepage,
  • Under the Customer service section, click on "Help & Contact."
  • Tap on the "Go to Chatbot now" option,
  • A chatbot window will appear on the side of the screen,
  • Type your question in the window,
  • The chatbot will reply to the queries

Email: If you want to contact Norwegian Air to share feedback or file a complaint about your prior travel experience, then email is the suitable option for you. You can fill out the feedback form with your thoughts and opinions or file a complaint if you have encountered a bad experience at Norwegian Air. Go through the steps to send an email:

  • Open the Norwegian Air website on your device,
  • Get on the Help & Contact Page of Norwegian Air,
  • Choose the Contact through email option,
  • Choose the option why are you sending the email,
  • Type the message on the email form,
  • Add your name and email address,
  • Press the Submit Email button

Social media: You can use Norwegian Air's social media accounts for quick human assistance on messages. The officials quickly reply to the messages on their social media accounts. If you have questions from the airlines, take advantage of the social accounts. The links to their social media accounts are at the end of the help & contact page. Tap the icons to direct on their account.

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