How do I Contact Lufthansa from Greece? 

Suppose you have reached Greece for a vacation and, on the way back, booked a ticket on Lufthansa to experience the premium standard customer service. In that case, you will wish to know how to reach Lufthansa customer service through a call to receive assistance or remove your doubts.

Lufthansa Phone Number Greece

Call Lufthansa from Greece: you can call Lufthansa customer service if you are anywhere in Greece to either book your tickets or for any other issues after completing the booking process. Passengers have numerous queries to ask before they start the journey. To discuss those queries, you can call anytime on a weekday from Monday - Friday between 08.00 - 23.00 hours and do the steps given below:

  • Dial +30 (0) 21111986230
  • Follow the IVR process
  • Press 1- to select the language you prefer
  • Press 2- for queries on booking
  • Press 3- for queries on cancellation
  • Press 4- for special assistance
  • Press #- for speaking to a Lufthansa customer service person.

If you call on the Lufthansa Phone Number Greece and follow the IVR to speak to a person directly from Lufthansa customer service, you can receive immediate assistance and clear all the doubts you have simultaneously.

Besides calling, you can also try the other modes to get in touch with Lufthansa, which is as follows:

Live chat: one of the best alternatives for a call is using the live chat available on the official site to discuss your queries and doubts. This mode saves the time which is required on a call connectivity and hold. You can immediately start your chat without any delay. To commence the live chat, try the method below:

  • Reach the Lufthansa official website
  • Click on help and contact
  • Select the Lufthansa chat assistant
  • Enter your query
  • Click on the send tab
  • Start the discussion on your queries and issues through text messages from the live chat window.

On a live chat, after you give the details of your query and issues, you get an immediate solution from the Lufthansa customer service person. The best part is the live chat from anywhere, which is available 24/7.

Social media: suppose you have an urgent requirement at the Airport or a query that needs to be answered soon by Lufthansa customer service; you can immediately go to any of the various social media pages of Lufthansa and send a message through them. The following pages can be used for this purpose:

  • Facebook for queries and doubts, you can message on this page.
  • if you have any complaints or suggestions for better service of Lufthansa, use the Twitter page for immediate attention.
  • to see beautiful pictures of lufthansa and the scenic destination.

For general queries and sharing your experience after the travel that needs a detailed explanation from customer service, you can use the following:

Feedback form: a form available on the official website of Lufthansa for passengers to send their opinions, reviews, and regular queries. To find the form:

  • Reach the Lufthansa website
  • Go to the help and contact page
  • You can find your opinion tab; click on it
  • A form will appear on the screen 
  • Fill out the form and submit it.

Therefore, all the above modes will help you reach Lufthansa customer service.

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