Air France Compensation Process

Air France is one such airline that strives to stick to its published timeline, but sometimes, flights do delay. But the best part for Air France customers is that airlines provide the best solutions to them in case of flight cancellation and delays.

If you want to Claim Compensation from Air France, then you can choose any of the following two options:

Online support:

This is the first option available if you want to claim compensation from Air France. It requires you to follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the official Air France airline website.
  2. Login into your account using your correct credentials.
  3. After that, click on the "manage my trip" section.
  4. Now you will come across the compensation form, which you need to fill describing your complete details.
  5. Instead of the compensation form, you can also opt for sending an email method where you need to clearly state your details along with a clear and strong reason why you are requesting a claim.
  6. After you are done filling in the relevant information, click on the submit button.

Customer service assistance: 

This is another crucial way to avail of compensation from Air France. The online customer support service is available 24/7 and can be reached as:

1 : Initialize by dialing the customer service helpline number.

2 : After you dial the number, you are required to select the option from the IVR menu

  • Press 1 : To manage your flight bookings
  • Press 2 : For luggage-related issues
  • Press 3 : to request a callback from the representative
  • Press 4 : Exit

3 : When you get connected to the representative, you can tell them your problem, and they will guide you to resolve your problem.

AIR France compensation policies

In order to request compensation, the customers should be well aware of the compensation policies.

Let us have a look at the AIR France compensation policies.

AIR France provides compensation for the following two conditions

  1. AIR France compensation for the delayed flights 
  2. AIR France compensation for the canceled flights.
  3. AIR France compensation for mismanaging your property
  4. AIR France compensation for denied boarding

Detail description of the above is mentioned below. Continue reading

AIR France compensation for the delayed flights :

  • In all the cases where the airline is responsible for passengers' late arrival at the destination, that is, arrival time is delayed for 3 hours or more than the actual arrival time, the airline will provide compensation to the customers.
  • Passengers have three years to claim compensation from the date of departure.
  • In case the delay is caused due to some extraordinary conditions, compensation cannot be made.
  • You have the option to choose compensation in the form of cash or non-refundable travel vouchers.

AIR France compensation for the canceled flights :

  • If you are informed two hours before or four hours after scheduled departure and arrival time, respectively.
  • If you are informed less than seven days before departure.
  • The compensation is not made at the airport; therefore, customers need to reach the customer service center via the process mentioned above.
  • Compensation will be made either in the form of cash or non-refundable vouchers. 

The compensation amount depends on the distance flights cover between boarding station to destination

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