What are the passenger's rights to compensation from Aer Lingus?

The European Union passenger law, also known as EU Regulation 261 (EC261), was introduced in 2004 to protect the rights of flight passengers, which can be violated due to flight delays, flight cancellations, and overbooking. They introduced some situations in which the flyers are eligible to claim a refund-

  • If your booked flight is delayed by at least 3 hours 
  • If the Airline had canceled your flight and you didn't get the information in less than 14 days of departure.
  • Your flight departs from the European Union and arrives at the European Union.  
  • If the Airline denies you to board due to overbooking
  • If you had missed the connecting flights due to a 3 hours delay by the Airline.
  • Extraordinary circumstances were not the reason for the flight delay.
  • Also, remember that delays caused by technical faults in the flight do not come under extraordinary circumstances, and you can claim compensation from Aer Lingus.

The EC261 describes the extraordinary circumstances as unpredicted situations that cannot be controlled by the Airline, which contains-

  • Bad weather conditions can cause- low visibility, snow storms, extreme wind, etc.
  • Airport staff strike or union workers strike
  • Bird strikes
  • Airport closures 
  • Medical crises like COVID, Monkeypox, etc.

How much compensation can I get from the Airline for the flight delays?

The compensation amount will depend on the distance of your flight-

  • For a flight distance that is under 1,500 km, you will get up to $250.
  • For flights in the European Union, over 1,500 km distance will be compensated with $400 and the same amount for non-European Union flights with a distance between 1,500-3000 km. 
  • The Airline will pay up to $600 for a distance over 3,500 km.

How do I Claim Compensation from Aer Lingus?

To claim a refund, the Airline provided a Disrupted flight refund form for their passengers, which can be used for claiming compensation for delayed or canceled flights. Read the steps below to learn how to apply for compensation.

  • Visit the official website of the Airline at www.aerlingus.com
  • Locate the support tab on the homescreen and select the request and inquiries option.
  • After selecting, you will be redirected to a new page with the disrupted flight refund form.
  • Now start entering your details on the given option.
  • Fill out your contact information- name, email id, address, and your membership program.
  • After that, fill out your flight booking details, including flight number, departure date, and booking id.
  • Select the type of refund you are applying for from the given options.
  • At last, describe your issue in the description box, attach the supporting documents in PDF format, and submit your request.

Through Email :

You can also email the airline and demand compensation from them. You have to open your mailing software and start composing the mail. Make your query brief as an email subject and put the official email address in the receipt space. You can find the Airline's email on the official website. After that, describe your query and include the flight booking information in the mail. Dont forget to provide your preferable date and time to connect with you. 

Conclusion :

Follow the above information to apply for compensation for your delayed or canceled flight and for more information, connect with the Airline through their customer service number.

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