How do I Change my Flight on Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines facilitates customers to change their flight before their flight departure. Every airline has policies to change, cancel or modify any flight changes. Malaysia Airlines updates its flight change policy to provide better facilities and comfort flight change for passengers.

What is Malaysia Airlines' flight change policy?

Malaysia Airlines has an ultimate flexible flight change policy. The critical points for the flight change policy of Malaysia Airlines are mentioned below.

  • 24-hour flexible flight change: With Malaysia Airlines, passengers can change their flight within 24 hours of booking a ticket, with no charges on all flights.
  • Unlimited changes to the flight date: Malaysia Airlines provides complete modifications to the flight date. Customers can change flight dates multiple times. Date change charges are applied to the respective tickets.
  • Unlimited changes to their destination: Passengers can change their flight destination multiple times with the charges applied to the difference in the goal. 
  • Change flight due to natural calamities: Passengers can change their flight on Malaysia Airlines if it is a natural disaster or misfortune such as adverse weather conditions. It would be best to address your reason for changing flights with proof. 

How do I change my flight on Malaysia Airlines?

You can change your flight on Malaysia Airlines and book a new flight in the following way:

Flight change through the website: 

Change your Malaysia flight in the following manner:

  • Navigate through Malaysia airlines,
  • Go to the Plan your trip option.
  • Look for Manage your Bookings in the Booking and services section.
  • Insert your 6-digit PNR number (booking number) and last name. Click on Manage Booking to submit it.
  • Your Malaysia Airlines ticket will appear with the submission of PNR and last name. You can change your flight with Malaysia as you want to a new date or destination.
  • If you are required to pay additional charges for the changes made to your Malaysia flight ticket, complete the payment process with Malaysian Airlines.

Flight change through Malaysia Airlines customer service:

To call Malaysia Airlines customer service, please do as follows.

  • Navigate through Malaysia Airlines.
  • Click on AskMH.
  • You will get the Malaysia Airlines phone number in the call us section. Call on 1300883000 or 1 (802) 636-9417.
  • You will get connected to the Malaysia Airlines IVR by calling this number. The IVR will give you the required information and guidance to connect to the Malaysia Airlines agent. Such as:
  • Press 1 for language.
  • Press 2 to book a flight with Malaysia Airlines.
  • Press 3 for lost baggage complaints.
  • Press 6 to talk to a Malaysia Airlines agent over the phone.
  • After you choose the language you are comfortable with, press 6 to get in touch with a Malaysia Airlines agent.
  • Ask them to change your flight with Malaysia Airlines. They will ask for your ticket details and provide you with the necessary help to change your flight with Malaysia Airlines.

In case you find a long rush in the phone lines of Malaysia Airlines due to the ultimate flexible Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can ask for online assistance from Malaysia Airlines. You can get the link to get online service from Malaysia Airlines on their website. You can change your Malaysia flight and take advantage of Malaysia Airlines' policy.

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