How do I Change my Flight Date on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines provides an easy reservation and modification process to ticket holders. If, after reserving a flight ticket to your destination, you come across a situation that does not allow you to travel on the selected date, then you can change the traveling date. If you want to know the procedure for Singapore Airlines Change Flight Date, then you must read the information provided in the following section. Also, you must always go through the flight date change policies of Singapore Airlines. Important highlights of the policies are given in the next section.  

Singapore Airlines flight date change policies:

Customers who want to change their flight date must refer to the following policies before making any changes:

  • If any customer decides to change the traveling date on the same day of booking, that is, within 24 hours, then he can make the changes without paying any additional fares.
  • For the date changes made after 24 hours, customers are required to make additional payments to Singapore Airlines.
  • If any traveler has to make alterations in the traveling date due to medical emergencies, then he must enclose the medical documents and request them for free changes.
  •  If the fares of newly selected flights are more as compared to the previous option, then customers must make the remaining payment. 
  • When Singapore Airlines delays your flight, you can change the date or reschedule your flight according to your preferability. 

Flight date change procedure:

Customers can make the desired modification to their already booked flight by following the online approach or by contacting the ever-available customer care services. The details of both procedures are given in the upcoming section in elaborated form. 

The online process to change that date of your Singapore Airlines date:

To change the traveling date of your Singapore Airlines flight, you must follow the straightforward steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Now to find your reservation, you must click on the field stating “manage booking.”
  • To proceed further, you must enter your six-digit booking or flight reference number and the passenger's last name.
  • When you get your travel itineraries, you must click on the edit button.
  • Select the new date for your journey.
  • Save and confirm the changes.
  • Finally, you will receive a flight date change notification on your linked email address or phone number. 

Contact customer care services of Singapore Airlines to request a date change: 

If you are not able to make the flight date changes online, then you can contact Singapore Airlines customer care services to make the required modification. For that, you must follow the steps provided below:

  • Begin the process by dialing Singapore Airlines phone number 1 (833) 727-0118 or +1 (802) 636-9417. It is available 24/7.
  • When the call is answered by an automated voice, callers must listen to the instructions and press one digit from the following IVR menu to continue:

Press 1: For bookings

Press 3: For cancellations/ refunds

Press 5: For flight modifications

Press *: For other queries and information

Soon after dialing one number, your call will be taken to the representative who is handling your concerns.

  • You can request him to make the date changes and also provide your reason for modifications.

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