How do I Book Multi City Flights on Kenya Airways?

Multi City Flights are booked when a person has to travel to more than one destination within a short span of time and wants to skip the trouble of searching for a flight every time. Suppose you are on an official trip and have to hop to several cities within Africa for meetings; book your Multi City tickets with Kenya Airways and enjoy the benefits of Multi City booking and travel without disruptions.

Benefits of a Multi city Booking:

  • It saves time and energy looking for a new flight each time, and you can travel smoothly.
  • Multi city flights are a lot cheaper than the regular fare of the ticket.
  • Multi City flights have the benefits of free rescheduling and cancellation of a particular segment.
  • On Multi City flights, you will get free access to the posh lounges of Kenya Airways.
  • You will be given priority for check-in and boarding with Multi City flights.
  • Multi City flights often have the perks of free meals and a selection of seats onboard.
  • You can add lots of miles and award points to your account for future use on bookings.

The Process to Book Multi City flights on Kenya Airways:

Online booking of Multi City flight: You can easily book a Multi city flight on Kenya Airways and get multiple bookings to different destinations at one go. For Kenya Airways Multi City Flight Booking, do the simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of Kenya Airways at
  • Tap on the “Book Flight’ option on the homepage.
  • Select the Multi-City booking option.
  • Enter the origin and destinations carefully with arrival and departure dates. 
  • Enter the passenger information on contact and other details.
  • Enter the class you wish to travel to on Kenya Airways.
  • Click on the “search flights” tab. 
  • Select the flights for booking from the available options.
  • Make the payments of the fares for the multiple bookings.
  • After the payment and booking are confirmed, you will get an email on your registered email address regarding the Multi City flight booking.

Call to book Multi City flight: For booking a Multi-City flight, you can request a assistance on call from Kenya customer service in the following way:

  • Dial +254 711 024 747 or +1 (802) 636-9417
  • First, confirm your preferred language for communication.
  • Press the IVR number to book the Multi-city flight or,
  • Speak to a Kenya Airways person directly for assistance.
  • Share your travel itinerary along with the dates.
  • Choose the flights from the given options.
  • Discuss the discounts and other offers available on the Multi City flights.
  • Make the payments for the bookings.
  • The customer service person will instantly confirm the Multi City bookings and send the details to your registered email address and contact number.
  • You can also discuss and clarify the doubts you have regarding the trip.

Authorized ticket sales center: You can reach a Kenya Airways office in your city, inquire about the Multi City flight bookings, and get the reservations done immediately with their assistance.

Hence to know the benefits and process of Multi City bookings, please read the illustrations above and book the multiple tickets simultaneously.

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