A Brief Guide To Get A Free Upgrade To First Class

Have you been thinking to travel on First class on your preferred airline? Well, then you would also be looking for seat upgrade on it. However, getting first class seat upgrade that too for free is quite difficult. But if one can creative about it and try some effective hacks, then getting first class seat upgrade can be quite easy.

Therefore, read further to know more about the top hacks to get free upgrade to first class on your preferred airline. The discussed information will also ensure that you get to fly on your preferred airlines with the best first class travel experience.

Best Hacks To Get Free Upgrade To First Class

  • Try Not To Book First Class Directly

Although you get a chance to purchase first class flight tickets directly on the airline, do not prefer to do as the fare price would be 5-6 times higher than the economy or premium economy class. Hence, wait for the right time to use other means to get the upgrade at minimal or no charge.

  • Stay Loyal To The Airlines

If you have been a member of the loyalty program on the airline, then you can take it for your benefit. Besides, you can use your frequent flyer membership for your own perks. Also, all of your miles would come handy to book your flight tickets on the airline, and then get free upgrade to first class. But also make sure to not to let your earned points or miles expire.

  • Purchase Flexible Fares

Researchers suggest that one should purchase upgradeable fares on the airline. Fares such as premium economy and other upgradable coach can be quite helpful in getting complimentary upgrades on the airline. Also, it is suggested to not to directly buy the expensive, but buy cheap and then upgrade it.

  • Use Your Elite Credit Cards

Another best way to get free upgrade to first class is to use your elite travel cards and enjoy the perks of the luxurious travel. Whether it is the platinum level card or the mileage plus card, or any other card, you can use them to purchase your first class upgrade on your preferred airline at the minimal cost along with earning other benefits.

  • Get The Points

Many airlines offer their points on sale, you can buy them without any membership, and use them to get your free First Class upgrade. Also, it would cost you quite less to buy the points rather than purchasing the first class upgrade. Also, you should consult with the airline’s customer services experts before purchasing the travel points for better assistance.  

  • Avoid The Peak Time To Travel

It is also suggested to travel at the time when the other Business Class travelers are not flying. Besides, the best time to do this during Saturdays and Sundays mornings as you won’t see the many business class members flying at that time. Hence, you’ll find better chances to buy First class upgrades and business seats on the airline.

  • Upgrade at Check-In

In the event, if you want to get the free upgrade to first class but have got no miles to get it free, then you can try getting the upgrade during the time of check-in. Also, if you are making an online check-in, then you might also find the seats availability as the airline offers them at the discounted rates. However, it is generally done within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

  • Appear Like A First Class Traveler

If you are travelling First Class, then you should look like one. Hence, it is highly advised to avoid casual attire (such as jeans, sneakers or even a sweat-suit) instead you can try something semi-formal or formal. With this, the cabin crew would see you as someone who really should be travelling on the first class.

Therefore, the aforementioned tips will surely help you out with getting free upgrade to first class on your preferred airline. Also, you can contact the airline’s customer services for better info on getting First class upgrades.

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