All you need to know about Hong Kong airlines’ flight change policy. 

People wondering about the Hong Kong airlines flight change policy have landed at the right place. Let us consider the rules and regulations governing Hong Kong airline's flight change to have a smooth flight change experience. Here is what you need to do in order to get ultimate help and assistance with flight change. A few frequently asked questions are included here, offering insights into the Hong Kong airline's flight change. 

How can I change my Hong Kong airline reservation online? 

People can go ahead with flight changes online by following a set of steps that are as follows: 

  • Consumers need to visit the official Hong Kong airline website on their web browser in order to access the flight change option. 
  • Select the manage booking option in order to get to your Hong Kong booking for getting along with the changes to your flight booking. 
  • Enter details such as your booking reference number along with your last name on the next page and hit the submit option. 
  • A new page will open on the screen where you can locate your flight booking made with Hong Kong flights. Make a selection of your flight booking that you wish to change or cancel a Hong Kong flight.
  • Select the change flight option and proceed to the payments page. Complete the payment for flight change (if applicable). 
  • A drop-down list will open on the page where you can make the change selection that you wish to see with your flight booking.

Note: once the changes are complete, you will receive a new ticket on your email address with a new PNR code for your flight. 

Can I contact the consumer support cell to get help with the flight change? 

People can communicate with the support executives at Hong Kong airlines by visiting the official Hong Kong website to get ultimate support and help with flight reservations and bookings. People can find multiple means and ways to establish communication with the support representatives at Hong Kong Airlines. Visit to access the contact options for consumer support as far as your flight booking is concerned.

Dial the consumer support hotline +852-3713-1300 or +1 (802) 636-9417 to reach a customer support representative at Hong Kong ailrines. Multiple travelers also stick with email as a contact option as it allows passengers to keep a record o their conversations with the support representatives replying to their email delivered to seek help with Hong Kong airlines’ reservations.

What is Hong Kong airlines’ flight change policy? 

The key pointers of the  Hong Kong Airlines Flight Change Policy governing all the flight-related changes for refundable as well as non-refundable flight segments are as follows: 

  • People can change their flight for no extra or added costs by making the changes to their flight reservation within 24 hours of the initial reservation at Hong Kong airlines. 
  • Passengers can change their name on the flight booking without a fee if the name change includes common spelling mistakes and omission errors. This needs to be done before printing the boarding pass for your flight reservation at Hong Kong airlines. 
  • One can change their flight booking 24 hours before the scheduled departure date and time of their flight. No changes to the flight reservations are allowed after this time.
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