Easyjet Missed Flight Policy

Did you miss your flight? What to do now? Easyjet provides various facilities from booking to flight cancellation by following simple methods. There are times when people either miss their flight or the airlines cancel their flights. You are eligible for a refund in both situations, with terms and conditions applied. There are several Easyjet missed flight policy according to which they provide the refund to the people. Listed below are some of the missed flight policies of Easyjet.

What are the Easyjet missed flight policies?

  • If you miss your booked flight ticket and are present at the Easyjet departure desk within 2 hours of the flight's scheduled departure, then the airline can provide you the flight ticket of the next flight.
  • In some cases, if the passenger doesn't want the ticket or if the airline cannot provide the ticket, they can also give the travel voucher for future travel.
  • If you want then a refund of the total cost of the ticket can also be issued by the airlines to the same payment method.
  • If your flight gets missed due to an operational fault in Easyjet airline, you are also eligible for either refund, a flight voucher, or a ticket for the next flight on the same day.
  • Airline can also provide any complimentary service in return for the missed flight ticket. The choice will be yours to select any service.
  • If you choose a replacement flight that departs from a different airport, you will be responsible for any additional cost to travel to that airport.

How can I make a claim?

  • Visit the Easyjet sales desk at the departure point within 2 hours after the original flight's departure time and give them the certificate of insurance and original flight booking reference. The executives will make a note of the time you arrived on their system.
  • Wait for the executives to provide you the solution, you can either confirm your replacement departure flight option, or you can decide which claim option you want to choose.
  • If you choose a replacement flight, Easyjet will confirm the new flight details and booking reference. You can collect your boarding pass and passenger information before you check in. Make sure that the new flight time matches your plan. 
  • If you choose for a refund, Easyjet will provide the total amount of refund within 7-10 days to your original payment card.
  • Also if you choose for the flight credit or voucher. Then Easyjet will provide you with the voucher, which can be used for future travel. These vouchers can also be used to book any complementary service on the flight.

If you face any trouble claiming the missed flight, you can also contact the customer care service for help and support. You can explain your reasons to the care executives for missing the flight and request them to claim another flight ticket, request a full refund, or get the flight voucher. People can connect to the executives through phone numbers, live chats, email, and social media links present on the airline's official website.

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