Does United First Class Include Premier Access?

Yes, United First Class does include Premier Access. This means you'll enjoy many perks, including priority check-in and boarding and access to Premier seats and additional amenities. Make sure to book your flights using our secure online booking system so that you can take advantage of these amazing benefits!

Benefits of United First Class Premier Access

United First Class Premier Access offers numerous benefits for its passengers, including:

  • If you have Premier Access, you will get Priority check-in and boarding.
  • If you have premiere access, you can get early access to the gate and lounge.
  • You don’t have to pay the baggage fees for United First Class passengers flying within the US and US territories.
  • You will get Complimentary premium wine, beer, and spirits with each meal in the United First Class lounge.
  • You can also get complimentary access to the United Club, which includes a concierge service, premium dining options, and more.
  • You can change the flight without paying extra charges. 
  • You can also upgrade the seat without paying the penalty charges. 
  • Passengers traveling on a basic economy ticket cannot get the benefits of premier access. 
  • Suppose you have purchased the itinerary through premier access; if you cancel the itinerary, you will not get the refund. 
  • The word “Premier Acess” should be displayed on your boarding pass. 
  • If the passenger makes voluntary changes in their itinerary, the benefits will automatically transfer to their flights. 
  • Passengers who purchase the premier access can use it for multiple reservations and enjoy the benefits. 
  • If you request the cancelation of the premier access, the team will refund the amount. 
  • If United makes any changes, it will transfer automatically to the new itinerary, and you don’t have to pay the charges. 
  • Premier Access benefits will apply to the flights which they have purchased. 

How to purchase United First Class Premier?

To purchase the United First Class Premier, you can use the given ways:

Through Website

If you require exclusive access and don’t know how to buy it, you can use the website of United Airlines. To purchase the premier access, you can book it at the time of booking and get the benefits. 

 Purchase Premier Access at the time of check-in

You can purchase the premier access at check-in and get a discount if you are a regular member. When you purchase it, you will get the benefits you can enjoy the services. 

At an Airport Kiosk

You can visit the airport and use the Kiosk to purchase the premier access, and you will get the benefits. 

On your mobile device 

You can use a mobile device to purchase premier access on United Airlines. To get it on mobile, you have to download the app enter your booking code, and now you have to click on the premier access option and enter the required details. After that, pay the charges, and you will get exclusive access to your registered email id. 

Calling the United Customer Contact Center

To purchase the United first class premier access, you can call the airline and ask them about the Premier access. The team will tell you about the benefits, and after that, you can pay the charges, and you will receive a confirmation from the airline. After that, you can also enjoy the benefits. 

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