Do we Need Covid Testing to Book International Flights with Delta Airlines?

It is mandatory for all passengers to wear a mask despite being fully vaccinated. Passengers and the airlines' staff are required to wear masks all the time, during the boarding, at the airport or on the flight, etc. passengers need to follow certain rules and regulations of covid 19 released by delta airlines. If someone is confused about delta requiring covid test to fly, they can refer to the information mentioned in this article. 

Rules and regulations of covid 19 by delta airlines

  • Find the testing requirement as per your destination through the official website of delta airlines.
  • Passengers are required to keep the masks on during the whole journey.
  • Masks that have an exhaust valve are not acceptable as per the guideline and policy of delta airlines.
  • The RT-PCR test, LAMP test, TMA test, NEAR test, and HDA test are acceptance tests that passengers have to check from the delta website.
  • Antibody tests are not acceptable as per the policy.
  • The test results should include some specific information such as the type of test, the issuer of the reports, the date on which the test was taken, identity proof, and a test result stating positive or negative reports of the passenger.
  • Passengers are requested to get vaccinated to help the world recover from this pandemic.
  • The test results should be recent, like taken within 24 hours of the actual departure time.
  • People above two years of age are required to show negative test results to travel with delta airlines.
  • Passengers who are fully vaccinated will also require to present with negative test reports at the airport.
  • Passengers who are partially vaccinated are needed to carry the test reports with themselves.
  • You can contact delta airlines to get in-home testing services of antigen tests before flying.
  • Some destinations may not accept the in-home test reports; one must check this with the airlines.
  • Passengers who have recently recovered from covid 19 can also travel, but they need to carry a letter from the concerned licensed healthcare person. The letter should include that person can travel and is fully recovered from covid 19.
  • Passengers can get the documentation of covid 19 checked prior through the online web check in service of delta airlines.
  • Passengers need to carry a signed attestation and contact tracing information along with the negative test reports at the time of departure.
  • To contribute towards the help of covid 19 and to prevent the spread, the airlines request all their passenger to wear face masks and follow other safety measures.

Above mentioned information will guide you thoroughly on the topic of delta airlines' covid 19 rules and regulations. You can get in touch with the delta airline customer support team through call, live chat, email, and social media to get more information. One can reach out to a customer executive who can guide you and clear all the doubts regarding covid 19 restrictions at delta airlines. The customer service team is 24x7 available to assist the passengers and make their journey experience much better by the time.  

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