Get quick information on ‘How do I Call United Airlines from Spain?’ 

If you are in Spain and need to contact United Airlines for booking-related queries, several contact options are available. Besides, it is best to call the airline directly to get immediate support. The calling process is quite simple; all you need to do is locate the number and make a call on it. In this article, you will learn how to call United Spain Customer Service and the other details; check it out for better clarity. 

Follow the steps below to call United Airlines from Spain

  • Make a call to United Airlines Spain office number 900-813-996 or +34 919 491 299
  • Select the service language and follow the IVR phone menu instructions 
  • Listen carefully and select one option that suits your query 
  • In a minute, the system will transfer your call to the concerned team 
  • There you can talk to a live agent and ask about your issues

Using the United Airlines Spain Phone Number number, you can speak to United Airlines anytime. Besides, here are the other contact numbers you might need to contact the airline in Spain. 

United Airlines Spain phone numbers 


  • 900-813-996; the phone company may put additional charges
  • 91-453-43-64 Mobile, the phone company, may put additional charges 

Mileageplus Service Center

  • 900-813-996 Calls might incur an additional charge from your phone company
  • 91-453-43-64 Mobile, the phone company, may put additional charges 

Alternate ways to contact United Airlines from Spain

Email: An email is an option to contact the airline from anywhere worldwide, including Spain. You can email United to share feedback, concerns, complaints, etc. 

  • To send an email, log in to your email account and click on ‘create a new email’ or (+) sign
  • On the recipient address, type ‘’
  • Write the subject line and attach the relevant documents needed 
  • In the body, write your message and ensure it is crisp and clear 
  • Once the email is ready, send it to the airline and wait for the United team to reply 

Chat: Chat support is another way to communicate with the United agent. If you prefer chat support, you can use the option to solve any common queries related to booking, refund, baggage, etc. To use the chat option:

  • Get on the United website and open the support page
  • At the bottom right, search for the chat icon and click on it 
  • Type ‘Hi,’ and you will get many options on the screen 
  • Select the most suitable link and follow the self-explanatory instructions 
  • If your query is not solved, type live agent and follow the instruction to begin a live chat session 

Social Media: You can also follow the airline from Spain on different social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Here is the link to different social media platforms given below for reference: 

  • Facebook: 
  • Twitter:

Conclusion: By reading the information above and using the United Airlines Phone number, you can call United from Madrid anytime. For more details or if you have any doubts, visit the website of United and Madrid Airport. You can also log in to your United accounts and get personalised support.

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