How can I cancel a Condor Airline flight?

Almost everyone knows that flying by air is the most certain way to loosen up their hard-earned cash. And as much as these flight bookings are costly, there is always a chance that one would have to change or cancel their plans. When compared to the money spent on such tickets, the very possibility of changing or canceling them can be troublesome.

The bright point is that Airlines already know this and hence provide beneficial options to their commuters to ease their burden if they require to cancel. With the advent of the widespread internet, the procedures of canceling and claiming refunds have been simplified by Flight companies. Condor is one of such Airlines, and If you are looking for details on Condor Airlines flight cancellations to help you with your Condor booking, a few points are illustrated further.

What is the Condor Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy?

  • One can cancel their flight reservation with Condor Airlines within 24 hours from the booking without paying any cancelation charges. Such cancelations are eligible for a complete refund.

  • Charges may apply for canceling a booking reservation after 24 hours from the booking. 

  • The amount of the cancelation fee will depend upon the type of your ticket and reservation.

  • The longer it has been from the booking date, the larger the cancelation fee will be applied.

The highest amount of Condor Airlines flight cancellations is applied for cancelations in the last 24 hours of flight departure will have the largest cancelation charges, and the refund amount may be negligible except for the paid taxes.

How can I cancel my Conor flight reservation online?

  • Visit the official Condor website and click on “My booking” at the top.

  • Once the next page opens, choose the vendor from which you brought the flight ticket.

  • Enter the Booking number and check-in reference number along with the flight date and the last name under the reservation.

  • Click on “Continue,” and the website will display the flight itinerary of your reservation.

  • Hit on the “Cancel flight” option, and the website will load another page.

  • Confirm and pay the cancelation charges, if any are mentioned on the website.

  • An email confirming the cancelation of the reservation will be sent to you.

How do I get a refund from Condor?

  • Refund claims can be raised from the cancelation portal itself.

  • A refund claim link is also sent within the cancelation email, and you can click on this link to fill out a refund claim form.

  • The refund processing would take upto 8-10 days if you used a credit or debit card while booking the reservation.

  • For other forms of payment, the refunds may take up to 20 days.

  • The refund amount will be reflected in the same account from which the payment was paid, or you might be offered a travel voucher too.

How do I cancel a Condor Airlines flight over the phone?

One can contact Condor Airlines customer support on Condor Airlines flight cancellations if they cannot access the Condor website for some reason.

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