Acquire Detailed Information about Cathay Pacific's Missed Flight Policy

Cathay Pacific airlines always ensures you get help at every step and don't need to suffer for any reason. However, when it comes to missing a flight, the airline feels helpless to support you—That's why experts and executives always suggest: never to miss a flight. 

Here we have discussed all about Cathay Pacific Missed Flight Policy for your reference; check it out to avoid hassle and penalty.

Highlights of Cathay pacific Missed flight policy 

  • As per the missed flight policy of the airline, if you fail to reach the airport on time and miss the flight, it is considered a No-show.
  • In case of a No-show, your itineraries are cancelled, and the ticket value is forfeited. 
  • You can not change the flight or cancel it after a No-show. 
  • You must cancel or change the flight before departure to avoid a No-Show. You can also call the airline in advance and let them know about your situation. Letting the airline know in advance might help you.

Various reasons that can cause No-Show

It is considered a no-show if you fail to use the reserved accommodation for reasons other than misconnection.

It could be a no-show if you are denied check-in due to not having a passport, visa, etc.

No show applies when the connection is delayed, and you fail to show before the gate closes. The entire itinerary or details is present in one or conjunctive QR.

If you fail to change or cancel the flight three hours before the departure, it can lead to a No-Show.

No-Show applies if you rebook either within three hours before departure or after departure or flight.

Where the original reservation gets cancelled before No-Show and the new booking is done after departure, the QR reservation and ticketing staff might help with manual transactions to avoid No-show.

What can you do in case of a missed flight?

It's quite a difficult situation when you miss the flight. However, you can take the following action if it happens.

If you realise you might miss the flight, speak to the reservation department immediately. They might help you to arrange an alternate option. Besides, if you have a good repo with the airline or are a member of the airline, they can provide you a seat on the next flight to your destination.

You can try to change your flight immediately by visiting the official site of Cathay Pacific or calling the travel agent in case the booking is via a third party.

You can immediately speak to the Cathay pacific executives at the time airport and tell them your situation. Doing this, they will try to provide an alternate option or speed up the procedure like check-in, boarding, etc.

No-Show charges 

Once you miss the flight, your ticket value is forfeited, and an amount equal to your ticket value is charged as a no-show. So to avoid these charges, ensure to cancel the flight before departure. 

How to cancel the ticket before No-Show?

  • Go to the Cathay pacific official site and access your booking details
  • Retrieve the booking by login to your account or via the manage booking section
  • Select the booking, and click on the cancel button to cancel the ticket 
  • Provide a reason for cancellation and follow the instructions to complete the cancellation 

Hopefully, after reading the information above, you are left with no doubt about Cathay pacific missed flight policy. You can directly speak to Cathay pacific customer service to avoid hassle or penalty. You can also visit Cathay Pacific Airlines' official site for additional information and details.

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