Can you Get your Money Back If you Cancel Your Flight Ticket

Financial compensation or the reimbursement of your flight ticket, these are the options that airlines have when your flight is cancelled or delayed or when you don't show up for the flight. This also includes the situation when the flight is cancelled due to an ongoing coronavirus outbreak. According to Regulation 261/2004, the airline offers you one of these options to get your money back if your flight is cancelled, or sometimes even both. 

If your flight is cancelled and you are wondering about how to get my money back or thinning, If my flight is cancelled do I get a refund? Most of the Airline only gives you a refund  when they have failed to operate the flight according to the scheduled time, or face any other internal issue, like flight tier damage, or cease to operate a route. The airline has a choice to cancel your flight, change your schedule time, or can operate them with a delay. However, if one of these situations occurs then they will give your money back for flight ticket. 

Flight refund if you cancel your flight or  don’t want to travel anymore

In most of the cases, if you cancel your flight, then you only be eligible for full refund if you have purchased a refundable flight ticket. If you are travelling with the very low cost airline then most of the airfares will not be covered. Even though the refund policy varies from flight to flight. There are some certain events when you are allowed to receive your money back from your original ticket. For instance, Ryanair will probably give your money back if an immediate family member passes away or becomes seriously ill and at that point you have to cancel your flights. 

Refund due to a flight cancellation

Flight cancellation is one important part of the travel plan. Sometimes you cancel your flight and sometimes the airline cancels your flight, and then you have a question in your mind that,  If my flight is Cancelled Do I get a refund ? then you are eligible for new flights to your destination, or if you cannot find a flight that suits you when rebooking, you can reach your airline and request a refund of your original fare.

You will not get you money back of your cancelled flight if:  

  • If your flight is cancelled and you were not informed of the cancellation at least two weeks prior to your scheduled flight departure time and you were provided with a reasonable alternative flight.

  • if it is informed at least two weeks before the departure, the airline has a choice to reschedule your flight schedule as they want. 

  • If the airline informed you a few days prior to departure and the airline offered you a new flight departing not more than 1 hour before the scheduled, not more than 2 hours later than the scheduled.

  • The cancellation was announced two weeks prior or 7 days before the departure and you have been offered an alternative flight departing not more than two hours before the scheduled time and your new time of departure at your destination is not more than four hours later than the scheduled time of arrival. 

  • If you don't want to travel anymore, but the airline provides a new flight that meets all the requirements, then you might be eligible for refund but not compensation. 

To know more about the cancellation process or about  If my flight is cancelled do I get a refund? Please do contact us or visit Airline website for more information. 

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