How can I change my Air Transat flight?

If you are a spontaneous person or plan everything in life, continuously changing life events might require you to change flights as you plan to explore a new place, and it should be easy to do so. Air Transat offers the option for you to change flights without any problems, as it is a great way to retain customers. If you want to change flights for any reason, be it to attend a sudden business meeting or a surprise wedding or to travel to a new place to meet your loved ones, you can change flights in an instant with Air Transat. 

Air Transat lets you easily do that with various options to make changes.

You can change your Air Transat flight in different ways.

Via the official website:

Air Transat has a user-friendly website, and you can easily change your flight using the website. You have to keep in mind the Air Transat Flight Change Policy as well so that you have all the information before you change your flight.

You can follow the steps below to change your flight -

  •  You have to go to the Homepage -, and login
  • After you log in, you have to click on "Manage my booking."
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code to find the trip that you want to change 
  • You have to select the reservation and click on "Change."
  • You will see various options to change your flight.
  • You have to select the date and the desired flight
  • A popup window will open asking you to confirm if you want to change the flight; you have to click "yes."
  • You have to pay the difference in fare, if any, and your existing flight will be changed to the desired flight
  •  You will also receive an email for the same, along with the details of the new flight.

Via Phone number:

You can even call Air Transat customer care number 1 (877) 872-6728 or 1 (802) 636-9417 to change your flight. It is quick and easy. Air Transat customer care is prompt in the service, and changing your flight can be done by just following the steps below to connect with an agent. You have to follow the IVR instructions-

  • Press 1 or 2 to choose your preferred language
  • Press 9 to speak to a customer service agent

Air Transat Flight change policy;

  • Air Transat does not entertain any changes in flight within 24 hours of departure.
  • You will have to pay the difference in fares for changing your flight. 
  • If the flight is changed by the Airline due to unforeseen circumstances, there will not be any additional charges, in adherence to the Air Transat flight change policy for the flight change.
  • If the flight was booked by a travel agent, you should contact the agent to make changes.

Air Transat supports customers to change flights by using all the above-mentioned methods.

You can refer to this information whenever you have to change the flight so that you can save time and effort. You can visit the official website for more details.

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