Acquire complete knowledge about Aeroflot airlines cancellation policy

Many passengers encounter a situation when they cannot board the flight on the decided date and need to cancel. Cancellation of flight can be due to uncertainty that can happen anytime. Sometimes due to urgency, weather, and medical issues, Aeroflot airlines needs to cancel the flight. Therefore, to proceed with the flight cancellation, Aeroflot airlines will take some terms and conditions for the passengers. If you book the flight ticket with Aeroflot airlines and looking forward to the flight cancellation, then you can read the policy that is mentioned below:

  • To claim the full compensation, you need to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase. It is a risk-free cancellation in which you must have purchased the flight ticket at least seven days before the departure.
  • If you proceed with the cancellation after 24 hours, you need to pay the charges that will calculate according to the time of cancellation, time left for departure, and type of ticket.
  • If you face any sudden demise of an immediate person and are not able to board the flight, you can cancel the flight ticket anytime by showing the supportive document. 
  • Non-refundable tickets will entertain with the refund only after deducting the applicable charges.
  • If you avail a part of a ticket and look forward to flight cancellation, you will be entitled to the charges that will deduct from the unused part of the ticket.
  • No cancellation will be taken in the note if the flight has departed, subject to some exception according to the situation.
  • If Aeroflot airlines cancel or delay your flight, you can entitle the complete refund or reschedule your flight.
  • You need to cancel the flight as soon as possible to avoid any excess charges or last-minute hassles.
  • Flight that is purchased with the Aeroflot airlines are only entertained for the online cancellation and not with the online travel agencies.

Modes to cancel Aeroflot flight tickets:

When you understand the cancellation policy, you can check the modes to cancel the Aeroflot flight ticket.

Through online:

You can cancel your flight ticket online at the website of Aeroflot airlines. At there, you need to log in to your account using the manage my booking portal by entering the reservation number and passenger's last name. You need to follow the online instructions and receive the confirmation mail regarding the Aeroflot flight cancellation immediately.

Through mobile app:

Aeroflot airlines always offer a mobile app that you can download from the play store or app store. You can sign in to your Aeroflot account and get all the details of the flight with Aeroflot. From that, you need to select your booking and proceed with the flight cancellation in just simple steps.

Through customer service:

Aeroflot provides an expert customer service team from which you can take professional advice. They will help you grab the details about Aeroflot airlines cancellation policy and cancel the flight ticket. To connect with the team, you can check the multiple modes online at their contact handles like call, chat, email, or social media for help and support.

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