How to Contact Lufthansa at Algeria Airport?

Suppose you have decided to reserve a seat on a Lufthansa flight and it is going to depart from the Algeria Airport. In this case, you must acquire the airport related information beforehand. Acquiring all the information before the departure date is always beneficial when you fly for the first time to or from a new destination. To ease your work, we are providing you with the major information related to Algeria Airport, which might be helpful for you for your Lufthansa flight.  

Major Information of Departure Airport

  • Airport Name: Algiers international Airport Houari Boumediene
  • Airport Code: ALG
  • Airport Address: BP. 295, Houari Boumediene Airport, Dar El Beïda 16000, Algeria
  • Airport Website: 

What terminal is Lufthansa at Algeria Airport?

All Lufthansa airlines flight passengers must use Terminal I- International at Algeria Airport for arrival and departure. 

What services does Lufthansa offer at Algeria Airport?

If you are considering a Lufthansa flight for your travel but wish to know about the services you will get from them at Algeria Airport, read below:

  • Ticket Reservation: Lufthansa Airlines offers the service of reserving a flight ticket for passengers at Algeria Airport. You can reach out to them to make your reservation at any place. 
  • Ticket Cancellation: You will get assistance canceling your Lufthansa flight ticket and connecting with customer service without additional charges.
  • Reservation Changes: A passenger also can get through the customer service at Algeria Airport to make changes to the Lufthansa flight ticket reservation. A representative will guide you through the process.  
  • Special Assistance: If a passenger is not well physically and will need special assistance like a wheelchair, then they can request the Lufthansa representative at Algeria Airport a few hours before the flight departing time.
  • Baggage Information: If you require information related to the baggage, then it will also be obtained by connecting through customer service. You can add excess baggage if you require.
  • Airport Parking: To avoid the mess at the airport parking lot, you can book a spot for your vehicle in advance by contacting the customer service team. 

How to connect with a representative at Lufthansa Algeria Airport?

If you are wondering about taking assistance from a live representative of Lufthansa Algeria Airport, you can use the contact number: +213-2150-9191 or +1 (802) 636-9417 for calling assistance. You can ask queries related to your flight or the airport services after connecting with a representative, and the person will provide you with all the information. 

When can I contact Lufthansa customer service at Algeria Airport? 

If you are looking for the opening hours of Lufthansa customer service at Algeria Airport to connect them on time, then you should call them between 8 am to 10 pm on any day of the week. Between this time, you will acquire assistance from a representative. 

Hence, above is the general information which would be helpful for you to take your flight. In case you acquire human assistance, then you can use the Lufthansa Algeria Airport Phone Number and get through to a live person. Earlier, the services mentioned are offered by the customer service team for which you can contact them. 

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