How Do I Contact Delta Airlines at Milan Malpensa Airport?

Milan Malpensa International Airport is one of the largest Italy serving airports. It is used by a number of passengers daily to board different airlines' flights. Many Delta flights are operated via this airport at different times. There are some travelers who want to get through Milan Malpensa Airport customer care services to receive information regarding the Delta Airlines reservation. These travelers can make use of  Delta Airlines Milan Malpensa Phone Number and other important information provided below to receive required travel information or solutions to their concerns. 

Important contact details to get through Delta Airlines at Milan Malpensa Airport:

  • Milan Malpensa Airport website:
  • Delta Airlines website:
  • Airport code: MXP
  • Milan Malpensa Airport phone number: +39 02 232323
  • First aid or medical assistance phone number: (+39) 02 74864444
  • Delta Airlines phone number: 800-221-1212
  • Airport emergency phone number: 0331/669889 

Different mediums to communicate with Delta Airlines at Milan Malpensa Airport:

Travelers who have reservations via Milan Malpensa Airport and wish to clarify travel concerns in advance can use any of the following communication mediums to acquire relevant information. 

Communicate over the phone: 

Callers who want to get their travel concerns discussed with live representatives must make a call to customer care services by dialing the official Delta Airlines Milan Malpensa Phone Number: +39 02 232323; now, they must pick their language and proceed with the automated instructions. When the calls are connected to live representatives, callers can explain their concerns in detail and wait to receive a solution in the shortest time period. 

Write your concerns and share by filling out the online form:

There are some travelers who have already traveled with Delta Airlines from Milan Malpensa Airport and after completing their trip, realize that their travel concern must be shared with customer services. Even if Delta Airlines Milan Malpensa Phone Number is inaccessible, customers can use the following steps to fill out the online form:

  • Go to the Milan Malpensa airport website.
  • Tap on the assistance option.
  • Click on “Write to us.”
  • Now, you must select your reason for writing from the drop-down menu.
  • Briefly describe your issue.
  • If you wish to provide your travel documents, then attach them using the link key.
  • Press the submit button after carefully referring to your details. 

Which terminal is used by Delta Airlines at Milan Malpensa Airport? 

Terminal 1 is used by Delta Airlines at Milan Malpensa International Airport. Travelers who do not wish to experience any last-minute trouble must reach the specified terminal at least, keeping a 2-hour margin. This terminal might change at the last moment due to unavoidable conditions like construction at the airport. Therefore, it is suggested to cross-check terminal information before leaving for the airport. 

Services available at Milan Malpensa Airport:

Travelers who are expected to board a flight for their upcoming Delta reservation via Milan Malpensa International Airport can enjoy the services mentioned below: 

  • Free Wifi facilities across airport premises.
  • Medical or special assistance facilities
  • Taxi and car rental services
  • Check-in kiosks
  • Parking-services
  • Baggage wrapping facilities. 
  • Currency exchange countries
  • Lost and found area.
  • Banks and exchange facilities.
  • VIP lounge services
  • Reservation counters to help customers 
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