How to Contact LATAM at Bogota Airport?

Suppose that when you reach Bogota Airport, you find a delay in the flight, and you want that Airline to compensate for that as the airline does not inform you about that. So, situations of this type can arise with anyone, and you do not need to panic in these situations. Instead, contact the Airline and ask for a solution, as LATAM has customer service whose services are commendable and will answer all your queries and provide you with a reliable solution. So, here we are mentioning all those ways that you can read if you have doubts. 

Associate with the LATAM Airline agent by sending a message to their official address:

For any query related to your travel, you can send the LATAM a handwritten query to their official address. Or you can also visit their office if you want your query to be solved face-to-face. And also, you need that address to visit at the time of departure. So, here is the address.

El Dorado International Airport

Av. El Dorado #103-9, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia

Airport code: BOG 

Use the phone call option of LATAM at Bogota Airport through the phone call: 

Suppose you booked food at the Airport, but the quality of the food was so bad that you were not able to eat it. So, regarding this, you want to complain to the customer service of the Airport and tell them that you need to improve your customer service. So, to contact the LATAM Bogota Airport Phone Number after some IVR formalities, you will be able to connect with their customer services. Use the below number to contact them. 

  • Airport Contact Number: +57 601 2662000
  • LATAM contact number: Tel: +571 745 2020

Working hours of LATAM at Bogota Airport 

The Airport services are open 24/7. If you have any queries with them, then contact them anytime, but the preferable time to call is early timings because few people call in the morning, and you have more time to ask your questions. 

  • Flight status: it often happens that when we book our flight, due to the heavy rush of people, the Airline keeps us on hold.  So you can check that status anytime by clicking on the link that is mentioned below.
  • Baggage services: passengers who travel with LATAM have queries like they exceed the baggage limits or they are carrying an infant with them. What are the extra things that they carry with them? So, you can get the answer to all your queries like this and for that, you need to follow the link below, or you can use the below contact number. Contact number: +571 745 2020
  • Link to connect with them:
  • Connect through social media: to associate with the customer service of LATAM, you can use the LATAM social media handle. For that, you need to open your social media account. Search for the LATAM website and then click on the message option. And type your query, then send it to them. To directly reach their social media sites, you can click on the link that we are mentioning below. 
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter: / 
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