How To Contact Delta Airlines at Rio de Janeiro Airport?

Suppose you have made your bookings on a Delta Airlines flight that operates from Rio De Janeiro Airport. In that case, you should collect information about the airport for a better and more comfortable journey. Below you will learn about the contact information, Delta's service at the airport, and other essential things. 

Some Important Information about the airport

  • Airport Name: Rio De Janeiro 
  • Airport Code: GIG
  • Airport Address: Av. Vinte de Janeiro, s/nº - Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21941-900, Brazil
  • Airport Phone Number: +55-21-3004-6050
  • Airport Website: 

What terminal is used by Delta Airlines at Rio De Janeiro Airport?

Delta Airlines uses Terminal 2 at the Rio De Janeiro Airport for the arrival and departure of the flights. 

How do I contact Delta Airlines at Rio De Janeiro Airport? 

If you have a few doubts regarding your flight for which you would like assistance from an official person, you can use the Delta Rio de Janeiro Airport Phone Number: 0800-761-0035. Using the contact number, you will be connected with a person in customer service who can help you with your travel questions. 

What are the services provided by Delta Airlines at Rio De Janeiro Airport? 

Delta Airlines offers a number of services for passengers at Rio De Janeiro Airport. The major services they provide are written down below:

  • Reservation: A person can contact the airlines at the airport for a reservation. The officials can check the availability of flights as per the passenger's requirement and complete the booking in real-time.
  • Cancellation: If a passenger has a reservation on a Delta flight that they want to cancel, they can contact customer service at the airport and ask for the cancellation.
  • Reservation Details: If a passenger would like to learn about the reservation details of a Delta flight operating from the Rio De Janeiro Airport can reach out to customer service to attain the same. 
  • Check-In: If a passenger is facing trouble with the check In at the airport for their Delta flight, then contacting an official can ease the trouble. 
  • Additional Service: If a passenger requires additional service for their travel, they can request the service by contacting an official person a few hours before the departure of their flight.
  • Luggage Missing: If a passenger's luggage goes missing at the Rio De Janeiro Airport, they can contact the help desk for the missing luggage report. 

What are the available contact numbers of Delta Rio De Janeiro Airport? 

There are several contact numbers available for Delta Rio De Janeiro Airport; a person can use the contact numbers depending on their need and what assistance they require. Some of the contact numbers are listed below:

  • For general inquiries, you can use the contact number 1800-123-6645.
  • For sales and service queries, connect at 800-241-4141.
  • For refund status, 800-325-8224. 
  • For baggage-related information, you can contact a live person at 800-325-8224.

What are the opening hours of Delta Airlines Rio De Janeiro Airport customer service?

Delta Airlines Rio De Janeiro Airport customer service is open 24 hours a day throughout the week. You can reach out to them anytime with your query and communicate with a live executive.

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