How do I Contact Delta Airlines at JFK Airport? 

When you have a Delta flight to take from JFK Airport, it is necessary that you have all the mandatory information for your travel as well as the contact options. Keeping the contact details handy is beneficial for any last-minute issue as it can save you from many messes during your travel. Here, you will find the airport-related information and some essential contact details of Delta at JFK Airport. 

  • JFK Airport Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • JFK Airport Address: Queens, NY 11430, United States
  • JFK WMO Code :74486
  • JFK Airport Website: 

Which terminal does Delta use to schedule flights at the JFK Airport?

The Delta flights are scheduled on Terminal 4 at the JFK Airport. The departures and arrivals are all scheduled at the same terminal. However, the passengers are advised to check the terminal at once reaching the airport as sometimes the terminals change for some internal reasons. 

What is the phone number to connect with Delta Airlines at JFK Airport?

When in any doubt with your travel you could reach an official person for sorting out the same. The Delta JFK phone number is +1718-244-444, which will get you through to the customer service team. As you get an official on the call, clearly communicate about the issues and share your doubts for receiving appropriate details. 

What other phone numbers are available for connecting with Delta at JFK Airport?

For individuals who are looking for additional phone numbers in order to contact Delta JFK Airport based on the requirement, the contact numbers of different departments are listed here:

  • Flight Inquiries: 1800-212-1212 or 1 (802) 219-1212
  • Parking Inquiries: (347) 238-3231 
  • Noise Complaint: (800) 225-1071
  • Feedback: (212) 435-7000
  • Air Cargo: (866) 353-1031
  • Media Relations: (212) 435-7777

How to get baggage allowance information for Delta at JFK Airport? 

An individual flying with the Delta flight and has a requirement to take information related to the baggage allowance before flying from JFK Airport has to contact customer service. The baggage department of Delta can be contacted using the phone number 800-325-8224. The officials at the same will provide you with the information you need. 

Where to contact for a lost item at JFK Airport?

In an unfortunate case, if a passenger lost an item during their journey, they needed to file a report for the same at the airport officials. A person would need to visit the help desk at the airport and file the report for the item, sharing the details of the same as well as the reservation information. 

There is also an online lost and found form available that a person can fill out at the JFK Airport. 

Lost and Found Online Form: 

When to check in for a Delta flight at JFK Airport?

The passengers are wondering about when they should check-in for their Delta flight scheduled at JFK Airport; it only depends on the destination you are flying to. For the flight scheduled to the domestic destination, you can complete the check-in 1.5 hours early, and for the international destination scheduled, you must check-in 3 hours early. 

However, the online check-in allows a passenger to check in 24 hours prior to the boarding of their flight. 

Delta Web Check-In: 

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