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Tehran is the capital of Iran which is also known as a haven for museum lovers. The city offers colorful lights, delightful sounds, and never-ending excitement. Also, with a compelling history, the city makes an impression on the tourists through hospitality and culture. Locating at the foothill of Tochal, snowcapped Alborz Mountains never drops a chance to fascinate travelers.

Once going there will let everyone understand the beauty lie behind the chaotic jumble of concrete and insane traffic covered by a haze of air pollution. Amid astonishing cities around the world, Tehran is an underrated place to visit that must explore once in a lifetime to experience something odd rather than usual.

Helping out to make a trip to Tehran, here is some information about the places should not be missed, favorable weather and time in which one should travel to Tehran, go through it.

Best time to visit Tehran

During spring from March to May and Autumn between September and October, the weather gives you the additional benefit to traveling Tehran, giving you the moderate temperature to explore the city with the highest zeal and enthusiasm. An ideal temperature can be seen in Spring and Autumn, in this season, you will be able to dodge the searing summer and snow blocked mountain roads.

So, planning to visit Tehran would be friendly in all aspects if it is made neither in summer nor winter. Look out for Tehran packages accordingly by keeping season factor in mind. Moreover, in the net section, you would be knowing about the best tourist attraction in Tehran which enthralls everyone.

Best tourist spots in Tehran

After knowing the perfect weather condition to travel to Tehran, now the time is to know the places where one should visit. Through exploring the city, discovering places to enjoy by oneself is bliss. Sometimes there are places that are not meant to be left from seeing. A list of tourist spots in Tehran is mentioned below, check out and enjoy the trip to Tehran.

  • Golestan Palace
  • The National Jewelry Treasury
  • The National Museum of Iran
  • Tabiat Bridge
  • Sa'ad Abad Palace
  • Milad Tower
  • Grand Bazaar, Tehran
  • The Glass & Ceramics Museum
  • Tochal Sport and Recreational Complex
  • Azadi Tower (Borj-e Azadi)
  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Park-e-Jamshidieh
  • Mount Tochal
  • Shahr-e Rey

After getting so much information about Tehran, considering a trip to Tehran is an appreciative decision. Make the things in your favor and make a list of important tasks and jobs that you want to do. Pack your baggage and grab the Tehran tour package. Book the tour now before it gets too late to avail the offers and discounts.

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