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Qatar has not only the highest per capital income in the world but also has a wealth of beauty and culture. The Middle Eastern Islamic country has also a huge tourism industry which enthralls the tourist from all over the world. Giving a wide range of fun and adventurous activities, it lets people know about Islamic art and heritage as well.

Qatar is a peninsular Arab country that has its capital in Doha; one of the best locations to visit in Qatar. Providing insight into local culture and tradition, the city offers plenty of fascinating places that mesmerizes every single eye getting a change of glancing.

Besides, some important things that you must know before making a trip to Qatar are mentioned below; you shouldn't miss and go through it.

Best time to explore Qatar

Due to its geographical location and climate scenario, it is always recommended to visit Qatar in the winter season or colder days. Moreover, if you are planning to spend your time in Qatar, the best time is from November to early in April. Because from May to September the temperature gets very high and the weather becomes very hot with the least rainfall.

So whether traveling alone or in a group, make sure that you plan your trip to Qatar in colder days so that sightseeing and outdoor activities can be enjoyed at its peak.

Best tourist spots to visit in Qatar

Summing up a list of places to visit in Qatar is not duck soup yet here are a few names of destinations worthy to see on your Qatar tour. But it doesn't mean that these are the only places you can explore in Qatar, a number of sports and activities are there to create memories giving you the best time of life.

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • The Doha Desert
  • Al Zubarah Fortress
  • Al Jassasiya Carvings
  • Al Wakra Museum
  • The National Museum of Qatar
  • Barzan owers
  • Doha Fort
  • Katara Cultural Village
  • The Pearl
  • Islamic Cultural Centre (FANAR)
  • Sealine Beach Resort
  • The Corniche, Doha
  • Banana Island

Now you must be having a roller coaster of thoughts in your mind; set your mind up to have a trip to Qatar. If you have this feeling to visit Qatar, then, there is no way to look back at your daily busy routine. Wrap up the pending tasks, make a to do list, and pack your bags as soon as possible. Plan out the things and take time to book a Qatar tour package. This is it!

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