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Trip To Kuwait City

Situated in the Middle East Persian Gulf, Kuwait is an Arabic country sharing borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The country exudes the charm of Arabian adventures along with modern and unique architecture. The sky-high buildings mesmerizing the tourist giving magnificent accommodation and fine dining. There is a lot to in Kuwait for a tourist who came from other countries and also plenty of places are there to visit in Kuwait.

Providing insight into all the important things to consider before traveling to Kuwait, this article will let you have a mini-tour of Kuwait. Go thoroughly.

Best time to travel to Kuwait

Kuwait is a country where you can find mild winter and very hot summer. There is a huge difference in the temperature of summer and winter in Kuwait. Where it is a bit cold in winter to swim while it is very warm in summer. So if you are planning to travel to Kuwait, then, the best time is Spring season between March and May, or else, Autumn between September and October. At this time, you would see the best weather to visit the tourist points with suitable weather conditions.

What should you pack for traveling Kuwait?

Traveling in winter requires autumn or spring clothes like T-shirt, shirt for day time. On the other hand, in the evening or night when the temperature gets low, carrying jackets and scarves would be a good option. Umbrella may require in winters as there is a possibility of rainfall in winters.

For summer, loose-fitting clothes, lightweight made of natural fabric clothes, a sweater and scarf for cold places, dessert turban is a must to carry. Try to avoid shorts and miniskirts outside tourist resorts as the due to high-temperature tanning issue may arise.

Most importantly, to avoid additional costs on flights, travel light, eliminate the things that are not necessary to bring on the tour to Kuwait.

What are the best tourist places there in Kuwait?

From tall buildings to the beach, myriads of tourist attractions are there in Kuwait which captivate the tourist coming from all over the world. And visiting all of them can be hectic that's why here is a list of some destinations that you shouldn't miss on your Kuwait tour. Check out the places in Kuwait to visit on your trip to Kuwait.

  • Seif Palace
  • 360 Mall
  • Mirror house
  • Magic Planet Kuwait
  • Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts
  • American Cultural Centre
  • Aqua Park
  • Kuwait Zoo
  • Kuwait Towers
  • Grand Mosque

These are a few places in Kuwait, once reaching there, you will be exploring more like malls, cinemas upgrading your experience of shopping to the next level. So without having any second thought in your mind, make a plan and book a Kuwait package with exciting deals and discounts. Grab the offers before it gets over, pack your luggage, and take your flight to Kuwait.

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