LATAM Airlines Premium Business Class features.

LATAM is the primary airline to fly in the Southern American continent. Needless to say, LATAM excels at providing memorable flight experiences most of the time. These experiences are not just confined to the onboard experience but encompass the whole process of flying with LATAM right from checking in for the LATAM flight.

The LATAM economy classes are generally reviewed in a good sense. However, the actual luxury experience of any Airline has to be judged by its business or first class reservation services. To know more about LATAM Airlines Premium Business Class, do read on further as a few details of LATAM premium business class experience are discussed.

The LATAM Premium Business Airport experience.

LATAM has significantly worked upon its airport experience for premium business flyers, and this has been a continuous effort over the past years. The results are actually visible as the complete services and features are really distinctive. 

  • Most of the LATAM check-in centers in airports, especially in the south, have accommodated priority check-ins for quicker onboarding. 

  • The business Lounge experience has been built and bettered to a grand scale, with bars, buffets, and leisure areas available for the premium business passengers at the airports.

The LATAM Premium Business seats

LATAM has introduced the seating arrangement of a 1-2-1 setup along with sturdy but comfy seats. 

  • This setup helps in having a significant storage area on the side or back of one's seat.

  • Every seat has ample seating area for one to relax and be at complete ease. The chairs have large tables at the sides for easy dining, working, and relaxation. The power connector and USB are also within comfortable reach from these seats.

  • Some Boeing 787 have dim switches to darken the windows instead of having curtains over them, and this helps a person to view the scene outside from the plane while decreasing the intensity of the external light.

Beverages and Cuisines

  • A welcome beverage along with a menu card is offered as soon as you get to your seats.

  • This is followed by a beverage of one's choice and some fresh nuts.

  • The main course is full of flavored dishes, both hot and cold. The presentation is immaculate, and the food is cooked and offered with warmth.

  • The dishes are appetizing and can satisfy the taste buds. One cannot re-order food later. However, one can ask the flight crew to let one's main course be saved for later.


  • The Entertainment feature on the premium business class of LATAM is a genuinely loaded one.

  • Noise-canceling headphones are present on each seat, along with large screens on the front.

  • The watchable collection has more than a hundred movies or sitcoms to choose from. This collection has a generous mix of all genres, including children's entertainment too.

  • Overall, even long-haul flights can be easily dealt with through the help of onboard entertainment options.

How to get a LATAM Premium Business reservation?

One can call the LATAM reservations team to get their LATAM Airlines Premium Business Class reservation booked. The customer service would happily oblige and may even be able to provide you with reasonable offers on the booking.

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