Is it worth it to upgrade to comfort plus on delta?

Travelling to your favourite destination with comfortable seats is an important thing. You can choose the delta comfort plus seat and enjoy your journey with additional benefits in your travel. You can easily upgrade to comfort plus online at the delta website or contact the customer support team for help. Before upgrading to comfort plus, you can learn some of the key features of comfort plus travel with delta airlines which are described below:

Early check-in and boarding facility:

Delta comfort plus passengers allow you to check- in early to the flight departure and get your boarding pass to avoid any hurry. You will also allow coming early into the flight so that you can settle easily and enjoy the journey.

Deplane the flight:

Delta crew members allow you to d-board the flight first so that you can save your day and time to pursue to your destination. 

Extra legroom facility:

You will also provide the extra space for your foot of up to 3 inches to settle in a relaxed manner into the flight. This will give you more comfort in your travel.

Extra space for the overhead bin:

Your space for carry-on bags will be reserved for you above your seat. You can reach your carry-on area easily and get more space to fit your carry-on luggage.

Extra complimentary:

You will also provide more comfort such as a pillow, blanket, amenity kit, and quality food according to your taste, headset to enjoy your favourite music.

Apart from the above features, you can ask the delta customer service team is it worth it to upgrade to comfort plus on delta, and they will help you upgrade your already booked seat to comfort plus. You can open the delta contact section and choose from the different modes to reach the representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you get free alcohol in Delta Comfort Plus?

Ans. Yes, you can get the free alcohol on Delta Comfort Plus. But the flight has to be over 252 miles, and then you can get Starbuck coffee, beer, and wine for 21 plus. And if your flight distance is over 500 miles, then you can acquire spirit for 21 plus with other options. Apart from this, you can also get complimentary meals and snacks on the flights, and if the meals are not available for 900+ miles, then you can enjoy the premium-class meals.

Q. Is Delta Comfort and Comfort Plus the same? 

Ans. Yes, the Delta Comfort and comfort plus seats are the same. While choosing this cabin, if you are getting doubts that your delta comfort plus worth it, that answer you can by referring to the bottom points:-

  • You can get the extra legroom space to stretch out and be comfortable throughout the journey.
  • To keep the carry-on baggage, you can get firm overhead space.
  • You get to the board prior to other classes and settle down easily.
  • You can also receive a pillow, earbud, and blanket; for the long international flight, you can also get an amenity kit bag.
  • You can experience the inflight services such as complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks with a display attached to front seats for streaming.

Q. Can Delta Comfort Plus use the lounge? 

Ans. No, Delta Comfort Plus cannot use the lounge facility. But you can access lounges if you are an elite member of Delta Airlines by joining SkyMiles. Apart from this, you might be able to use the lounge when you have made your reservation in the premium cabins. But for confirmation, you can contact the airline customer service team for appropriate answers.

Q. Do I get a free checked bag with Delta Comfort Plus? 

Ans. No, Delta Comfort Plus does not get free checked pieces of baggage. To carry the luggage, you get to pay $30 for the first baggage; for the second, $40 could be charged. But here are certain conditions there you can take free checked luggage that has been referred beneath:-

  • When you have a Delta Skymiles member or an American Express card member, you can carry up to one check luggage for free.
  • If you are military service, you can carry up to two checked baggage for free, but on military orders, you can carry up to five.

Q. Does Delta Comfort Plus recline more? 

Ans. No, Delta Comfort Plus cannot recline more. In this cabin, you can get the seats with extra legroom with that you get to stretch out and feel relaxed. And if you wish to travel on the recliner seats, then you can try to make the reservation with delta one, premium select, or first class cabins. There you might be too full fill your requirement.

Q. Is Delta Comfort Plus the same as premium economy?

Ans. No, the Delta Comfort and premium economy are not the same. These cabins are different; you can get that comparison at the bottom.

  • You can recline your seats on the premium economy, but on comfort plus, you can get the seats with extra legroom.
  • On comfort plus, you get the normal check-in process, but in the premium economy, you can access the priority check-in facility and get class before boarding.
  • You can enhance your inflight experience entertainment in the premium economy by getting a bigger display in front seats than comfort plus.
  • In comfort plus and premium economy, you can have complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks for more than the age of 21.

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