How Do I Book an Extra Seat on KLM?

If you are looking to book an extra seat on KLM and don’t know the procedure to do that then read this article carefully to know how to book an extra flight ticket. Below are the following methods and steps for you to follow.

Seat selection policies :

  • The terms and conditions depend on the selection of seats. 
  • In an economy class seat, you will get an extra comfortable seat. 
  • The KLM seat selection is only done by the online service or from customer services.
  • If you don’t allot the seat while booking economy comfort seats then you are not eligible for any refund. 
  • If you want your booking ticket refund then you have to request them within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket. 
  • When you book a seat near the emergence exit then you have to be familiar with all the all the safety instructions and while it emergence then you have to give a contribution to them. 

How to Book KLM extra seat selection online:

If you want to select your own seat and the extra seat then you have to do it online and access the official website. Follow the below steps:-

  • Firstly, you have to go to the official website of KLM airline. 
  • Then, search for the My booking option. 
  • Now, you have to enter the reservation code and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Click on the search button. 
  • All the list of the booking you will show then choose your sear which you want to select. 
  • You will see the various options like the Add Baggage or flight change. So you have to find the seat selection option and click on it. 
  • Now, the seat map will open, and choose your best seat on your own. Or can also add an extra seat. 
  • After selecting the seats, you have to make the payment which is applied by clicking on the Make Payment option. 
  • Finally, you have book an extra seat on KLM which suits your requirement. 

Seat selection process via phone call:

If there is any issue while selecting a seat online then there is another option to purchase a seat through phone call. You will get their official customer service number from their official website. They are available 24/7 to assist you, but while you connect with them for seat selection then make sure that you keep all the information near you. 

How much does it charge for booking an extra seat on KLM?

If you want to know how much it charges for selecting an extra seat on KLM airline then below are the following fees:-

  • If you select an advanced seat in the economy class traveler then it will charge $21.
  • When any passenger wants to book a ticket on full flex economy with the airline then the charges are exempted for choosing any seat in advance. 
  • If you have a membership card flying blue card with silver tire or above then KLM airline exempted the seat booking charge for their customer.

Hopefully, all the detailed information mentioned above will be productive and useful for you to make a decision and book your extra seat at KLM airline. There are more options if you want to add baggage, change the date or time then follow the same steps as given. Now, enjoy your journey with KLM airline. 

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