Can I Cancel my Flight Ticket and Get my Money Back

Anybody can cancel a flight anytime, but that doesn’t mean that  you will get your money back for what you have paid for the actual flight ticket. It depends on whether you have purchased a flight ticket on a sanctioned flight or a scheduled one. If the flight is sanctioned it would be non refundable if you cancelled. 

It always depends on the policies of the airlines, and it would rely upon the type of ticket that you have bought. To Get  Money Back Flight ticket does not simply change the charges, you need to show that you will not have the choice to use the ticket within its legitimacy period that is one year from the date of issue.

If you cancel your flight, you can ask  for a refund even if you have booked a non-refundable flight ticket, instead of rebooking on another ticket. 

However, remember that when you cancel your ticket for reasons outside of your control or airline control, then they may waive their obligation to offer your money back. This only happens in situations like, air traffic restrictions, security reasons etc. 

  • When your flight is cancelled the airline will automatically rebook your ticket on a different flight. 
  • If you won’t  get a refund and the arrangement suits you then there is no need to do anything, just take a new flight. 
  • If the arrangement doesn’t suit you, you can get in touch with airline customer service and ask them to give your money back instead. 
  • Refunds usually take the form of credit, cash or vouchers to be used later. 

If you want to cancel your flight and want your money back, then in reality it always relies upon the method of flight booking: 

  • Online Application or portals: if you have booked your flight through an online portal site and you want to cancel it, then they will refund your money back with the exception of administration charges. 
  • Flight booking in the Airline Application or site:  if your airline ticket is booked with the help of anyone in the airline or app, then you have the option to Get money Back Flight is cancelled because of natural climate/issue or any other reason. Then you can cancel your flight and get a refund. refund money will be credited to you on fundamental installment by 7-14 working days. 
  • Flight booking with travel Agent: if you make a reservation through a nearby travel Agent, then you can ask and request  your representative to handle your flight ticket refund. 

Subsequent to checking your airline approach you can cancel your reservation and request to get  money back, for your reservation by following these steps: 

  • Visit to My booking choice and select the booking that you wish to cancel a flight, and then tap on Refund. 
  • Make sure you read the refund policy and check your refund Amount Estimation depends on your refund reasons and tap continue. 
  • Then you have to select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • The details of your booking will demonstrate that your refund request has been submitted. 
  • For travel coming up within 7 days request will be taken care of within 2 days. 

Am I eligible for a refund if my non-refundable flight ticket is cancelled? 

The only chance you have to receive your money back is, your flight ticket is cancelled or a major schedule change happens. In that case, you may get your flight ticket money refunded. Remember that to  get your money back, you still need to check-in for your flight. 

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