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LOT Polish Airlines Flight Booking Method and Benefits

LOT Polish is the flag-carrier of Poland that connects 120 destinations with its fleet having 98 aircraft. It is famous for its facilities and lenient rules for all its customers. Working in various regions, this airline has made various records due to its flight booking process by its customers. Its active measures against COVID is also a crucial factor of its high demand for flight booking. This airline offers booking through its website and customer support ways. You can easily perform this action by selecting any one of them and using it properly.

Book A LOT Polish Flight Via Official Website

Using this method is very easy and fast for the success of your flight reservation process. Many customers resort to this method for booking the flights but they face the booking issue. Thus, you need to use the process that is given here.

  • Launch the LOT Polish Airlines website and click on Flight Booking on the homepage.

  • Enter the inbound and outbound flight details in the necessary boxes with the travel schedule.

  • Use the drop-down box to select the number of passengers and travel class for its working professional.

  • Select the flights based on your requirement and enter all the details of its passengers.

  • Add any extra facility to your booking that you need for comfortable finishing of your air journey.

  • Go to the payment page and obtain all the required details there and make a booking payment to gain confirmation.

Book A LOT Polish Flight Via Customer Service

There is another method which various people use for reserving the flight of this airline. This method gives them an upper hand in the reservation process due to its fantastic official rules. You can easily achieve this through the method that is discussed here.

  • Get the official phone number of this airline and use that by dialing it.

  • Patiently wait for some time till the live person of the airline is on call.

  • Once connected, speak to him from any of the 8 different languages.

  • Express your requirement to book a flight and give all its primary details.

  • On availability, you need to provide advance details related to your booking.

  • Follow the guidelines to provide payment of your flight reservation cost.

  • Obtain the confirmation email on your linked email address.

Benefits Of LOT Polish Flight Booking

  • Travel at various locations in the world that are located in different regions.

  • Enjoy your booking through assistance of professional customer service.

  • Flight reservation is possible 24/7 with various travel deals that are offered to users.

  • Cherish the opportunity to reserve the flights through the partner airlines program.

With the use of the above information, you will be able to accomplish the task of booking the flight in this airline. If you are still wondering about the process of LOT Polish Airlines Flight Booking, feel free to connect with the officials of the airline to reserve your flight seats. Perform this by using the phone number or live chat method for booking a flight seat for your air journey.

Lot Polish Airlines Flight Booking?

Wondering how to reserve a seat on Lot Polish Airlines? Well, you have landed at the right place. We are about to share a step by step guide that is surely going to help as far as Lot Polish Airlines flight booking is concerned. So without any further ado, let us get into this. 

How to reserve a seat on Lot Polish airlines? 

If you are interested in reserving  a seat on Lot Polish airlines, passengers may resort to the ways that are mentioned down under: 

  • Connect with the customer service professional at Lot Polish for flight reservation. 
  • You could also purchase airline tickets at the airport.
  • Online reservations are offered to ease the entire reservation process.  

Since the online reservation option is one of the most convenient, let us have a closer look at that. 

Online reservation process for Lot Polish airlines.

If you would like to reserve a seat on Lot Polish airlines, then you have to follow the steps mentioned down under: 

  • First and foremost, passengers are supposed to navigate to the official website of Lot Polish.
  • Once you have landed on homepage of LotPolish airlines, you are then required to select the ‘Flights’ option. You may also scroll down to find the reservation bar on the homepage.
  • Now start your reservation by selecting the flight type  from the following options: one-way, round trip or multi-city. 
  • Once you have successfully made the selection, you are then supposed to enter certain essential details that are mandatory and are required. 
  • Enter the departure city and also fill in the arrival place. 
  • Enter the travel dates from a drop down list that is present next to the dates option. 
  • Also mention the information regarding the total number of passengers that are going to travel with you on Lot Polish flight reservation. 
  • Select the class in which you would like to travel from the available options that are listed there. Finally you are required to hit the ‘Search Flight’ option and proceed. 
  • On another window, you will be able to see the ‘Search results’. 
  • From the list of available flight options, you are now required to select an option as per your preference and proceed further.
  • A payment page will open and you are supposed to make payment on this page. Make the payment for your Lot Polish reservation using your credit or debit card.
  • You will get notified by Lot Polish airline on your registered email address or phone number. 

This was one way of reserving your flight with Lot Polish airlines. If you still face any inconvenience with making online reservations for Lot Polish, then you are highly recommended to get in touch with the customer service professionals at Lot Polish airlines. 

In order to establish connection with customer service professionals at Lot Polish, travllers are recommended to follow the steps that are listed down under:

  • You can give a call on the customer service and support helpline number. 
  • Compose an email and drop it on the customer service department’s email address.
  • Start a live chat with an expert available at Lot Polish Airlines.

I hope this helps with Lot Polish airlines flight booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily change the date of your travel by contacting the LOT polish airlines through these below-mentioned ways:

  1. LOT Contact center.

  2. Facebook(Messenger).

  3. LOT Airport Desks.

In order to ensure the smooth facilitation of the process of communication via these mediums please prepare the ticket number and the new travel dates beforehand. In case of the availability of the same booking tariff-free of cost, ticket change is possible. You have to wait for some time due to a high number of incoming calls.

 It is a general question which comes in the minds of customers that how to contact? LOT airlines provide all the information regarding those flights which are scheduled to be departed in more than 7 days. This information can be delays in the scheduled traveling time, Cancellations of the Flight, etc. The information is provided generally in two ways which are given below:

  1. First is the

  2. Second is the information provided by telephonic conversation.

Recent information regarding the Flights can be found on the page of Flight Status. Information regarding flight cancellation can be provided by using two ways which are given below:

  1. Via Email: It can be given via Email. It is important to provide the correct Email address.

  2. Via SMS: It can also be provided via SMS. Please give me the correct contact number.

If you have booked your tickets by using the group booking procedure then firstly contact the agency where the booking was made. The case of a group booking is different in comparison to simple booking. In these cases, contact regarding the procedures of ticket returns & tickets change will be finalized between the tour operator & group supervisor of LOT Polish airlines.

If you have decided to travel in the Higher service class then you have to purchase an upgrade. Generally, it can be done in two ways both are given below:

  1. First is the use of the LOT Upgrade tab  where your offers can be easily placed on the bidding platform 

  2. Second, you can call the Lot contact center at which the upgrades are available at special prices which are subjected to seat availability. 

  3. It is important to consider that up-gradation by using this method can be done within the last 24 hours before the departure of the flight. In most cases, you can upgrade the ticket or change it to higher levels by giving the full payment.

It is a common question which is asked frequently by the customers. The answer is simple: you can check-in at the earliest within 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the flight departure. It is the common rule which is applied to most airports & routes irrespective of the distance. Please remember that online check-in on the website is only possible for those flights which are regulated by LOT Polish Airlines.

For Check-in Flight Follow these  steps carefully:

  1. Go to the homepage and select the option of check-in online.

  2. Then give the Ticket number & the last name of the passenger if you want to Check-in. 

  3. One thing is needed to consider that in some cases online check-in is not possible like Travelling with an infant, child traveling with the airline assistance, reservations which are done through the additional assistance and with purchased service like the carriage of an animal. 

  4. Some airports don’t provide online check-in facilities like Palanga, Ljubljana, Split, Zadar, Kharkiv, and various others.

You can easily change the additional services whilst making the reservation on the website of after submission of the Passenger details. In case you have already had a ticket then purchase of the additional services can be performed through Manage My Booking or the Lot contact center.

All information regarding the flight can be found on the website at the section of Flight status.

For canceling the reservation and getting a refund use the form of refund money in the section of Manage my bookings or contact the LOT contact center. One thing is important to consider that LOT is only handling the matters of tickets which are issued through or the Lot contact center. In case the ticket is issued from another distribution channel then contact the issuer directly.

It can be changed by going to  in the “Manage my Bookingsâ€? section. Tap here and sign in with your reservation number or ticket number and the last name. Choose the option of Cancel flights and then clarify the new travel standards. Change of the reservation is only possible by calling the Lot contact center.

You can change the contact details of the reservation by going to the “My Reservations tab. Tap here and then go to the section of Passenger Information and select the option of changing my details.

By using My Seat Service you can easily select your seat. You will get access to your service whilst making your reservation. It can be purchased by using Manage my Booking or by making a call at the LOT Contact center. It is a paid service. If seating on the particular seat of the plane is not relevant to you then you can select which are not seated free of charge. The service is available only 36 hours before the departure.

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